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Gal Gadot Marks 9 Years Since Wonder Woman Casting

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Things are getting shaken up at Warner Bros. at this time, and it would appear that the DCU is feeling the effects in a big way since those in charge are making it clear that no one is safe as the plan is to clear the board and start anew, which sounds like a risky proposition but is the current plan that’s in place. Unfortunately, this means that several stars and their characters are in jeopardy at the moment, as it would appear that the movies that have been slated to be made are being given the chop unless they’ve already been made. The next Aquaman movie and The Flash are still expected to hit theaters eventually, but Wonder Woman 3 has been canceled without hesitation. Yeah, it happened, and it’s bound to be called out by a good number of fans that are still in shock over this development since many people can’t help but wonder what this means for the DCU moving forward. It doesn’t feel as though this character is going to be chopped entirely, but given that things were moving forward, it’s easy to wonder how this sudden halt is going to affect the chances of keeping a few of the actors that might want to move on and find something else to do. 

Top Ten Things About Wonder Woman | The New Yorker

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1984 wasn’t exactly a universal hit with a lot of fans. 

Some would argue no doubt, but the second Wonder Woman movie didn’t exactly cover itself with grace since there were a lot of issues that needed to be hammered out, not the least of which is the fact that Wonder Woman went from being a strong and independent woman to someone who was crying over a lost love that she’d barely known. On top of that, there was a little too much virtue signaling in the sequel, and it’s fair to say that the ending was a lackluster attempt at creating something that was worth as much as the initial movie, which was much more effective. But it almost feels as though the third movie might have at least tried to right some of the issues that had plagued the second feature. Now we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the current state of things since it might be that the entire franchise is going to be rebooted or at least restarted with a new direction in mind. 

Wonder Woman is still an icon in the DCU, so it’s easy to think that she’ll be kept around. 

There’s no way that WB can just ditch this character, she’s too popular, and fans would likely freak out if such a thing were to happen. Of course, if they brought in another version of Wonder Woman and decided to go truly woke by replacing Gal Gadot, it’s not tough at all to think that people would balk at such a decision initially but would come to see the reason for it at one point or another. Whether fans like to hear it or not, they’re a bit too easy to please and to convince at times, even when they don’t want to be. Getting rid of Wonder Woman would be a seriously bad decision, but replacing her with a different version to appeal to the woke mob might be in the cards; one never knows. 

Wonder Woman 3 Cancelled At Warner Bros.

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The arrival of James Gunn appears to be coming with a great deal of upheaval. 

Whether people expected this or not is irrelevant since things were bound to change at WB at some point, considering that the DCU needed a bit of change to get things rolling forward. People are already trying to hype the Flash movie, but at this time, it sounds as though it might be Ezra Miller’s one-and-done since the star has been an incredible PR risk for a while now. But cutting out a third Wonder Woman movie feels as though it’s kind of a shock and awe move to make it clear that things are going to shift and that the direction might not be what some people are expecting. In one regard, the DCU did need this, but in another, one can’t help but wonder what is coming. 

The DCU can’t exactly get rid of its major heroes without hurting itself in a very significant manner. 

Seriously, if people are thinking that this means that the DCU will be dropping major heroes, a lot of fans might need to find a way to chill and remember that heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are the lifeblood of this franchise. Getting rid of them would be akin to hobbling a person since, without these heroes, the franchise doesn’t work nearly as well. So to be fair, a third Wonder Woman movie won’t be happening, for now, at least. 

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