Ray Fisher’s Criticism Over Old Tweets Prompts a Response from James Gunn

Ray Fisher’s Criticism Over Old Tweets Prompts a Response from James Gunn
Ray Fisher’s Criticism Over Old Tweets Prompts a Response from James Gunn

credit: DCEU

It’s been said more than a million times at this point, but one has to keep saying it just because some still remember what life was like before social media. How did people react to movies and movie stars before the internet and before social media? The answer evades a lot of people since, these days, social media is one of the swiftest methods to use when contacting another person, as well as commenting on others who are also found on the platform. Plenty of people had more than a few things to say following James Gunn’s appointment to co-CEO of DC, thanks to the changes that have been announced. That’s one big reason why it’s not surprising to hear that Ray Fisher decided to step in again to lend his voice to the matter. Unlike a few others, though, Ray’s words appeared to target Gunn’s support of Joss Whedon years ago. As many who have been following the DCEU know from the past few years, Ray Fisher has not been the biggest fan of Joss Whedon, who took over the Justice League project when Zack Snyder had to step away for personal, family reasons. Like a few other others in the business, though, Fisher has been anything but silent when it comes to his views on Whedon as a director and sometimes as a person. 

Ray Fisher’s Criticism Over Old Tweets Prompts a Response from James Gunn

credit: DCEU

The idea of bringing up past tweets to make an argument is still a bad idea 

It would appear that Ray Fisher has been using old tweets that Gunn sent to him and to Joss Whedon to make his current arguments. Or rather, the absence of the old tweets makes Ray think that Gunn is being a bit disingenuous at this time, perhaps even being ‘fake’. The argument is an odd one since the truth is that James came in stating that he was going to make quite a few changes to the landscape, but Ray’s issues with the initial stab at the Justice League that Joss Whedon took to feel a bit petty to bring up. It might even be irrelevant at this point since there’s no telling right now if Fisher will be taking on the same role at this time. Accusing the man with his future in his hand at the moment doesn’t sound like the wisest move, but Ray has been one of the most outspoken individuals in the DCEU, and it’s not surprising that he would continue to talk. The problem is that using the past to argue the present isn’t always the wisest move. 

Those questioning James Gunn’s motives for the DCU appear to be using the past to make their points felt

Gunn did support Whedon back in the day since the two had known each other for some time. Whether he would support Whedon at this time or would react in the same way as he did back then is tough to say. But the fact that Fisher is wondering if Gunn has purposefully deleted the tweets that existed between the two of them is a little ridiculous simply because using tweets from the past to argue in the current era is rarely a good idea unless one is seeking to point out what was said in the past if it matters. At this time, many already believed that Whedon was a troublesome director and that he had a few issues that needed to be ironed out. But Fisher’s need to review the tweets that existed between himself and Gunn, and his subsequent remarks that came as a result of discovering that the tweets had been deleted, feels unnecessarily snarky. 

Ray Fisher’s Criticism Over Old Tweets Prompts a Response from James Gunn

credit: DCEU

Ray Fisher’s future in the DCU is uncertain

Ray’s career in the DCU isn’t the only one that’s up in the air at the moment, but it could be one of those that might disappear, kind of like Henry Cavill’s. That’s another discussion. However, that has warranted several articles on its own. At this time, it does not feel like there is a great deal of animosity between Gunn and Fisher, but it also doesn’t feel like the latter is creating a strong chance to return to his role or any other. 

The fallout that is being experienced from the DCU shakeup is ruffling a few feathers

It was bound to happen that people would start talking and taking to social media when it was announced that the DCU would be shaking things up since it means that some people have lost roles that helped to bolster their careers, and others might be concerned that they’re being replaced entirely. Ray Fisher has been quite vocal since working with Joss Whedon, and it appears that he’s raising his voice again in response to Gunn’s appointment and apparent nonchalance regarding old, deleted tweets. Whether they would have helped Fisher’s current arguments or not is a bit irrelevant, but it feels as though Ray’s future in the DCU might be as well. 

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