James Gunn Debunks the Inclusion of Robert Pattinson’s Batman into the DCU

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People love to jump the gun sometimes when it comes to reporting on various bits of movie and TV news, but the downside of this is that the need to print updates, or retractions, can be costly to one’s reputation and can take more time than one wishes to give a particular subject. But without assigning any real fault, it needs to be said that despite all the shake-ups at the DCU, James Gunn has made it clear that there are no concrete plans for bringing Robert Pattinson’s Batman into the DCU canon. The idea that this character could be considered at some point isn’t entirely dead. Still, it does need to be stated that there’s no lead pipe cinch on the idea yet, as the DCU is currently in a state of flux as Gunn and Pete Safran are working things around to make sure that they deliver the best possible franchise that will be sustainable for the future and will keep people coming back to see more. At this point, it feels as though fans and movie reporters are primed and ready to report on anything that might even smell like a hint of need-to-know news. Still, despite being necessary, this constant state of readiness can easily backfire on those who don’t pay close attention to the facts. 

credit: The Batman

The fans and reporters don’t dictate what happens in the DCU. That needs to be remembered

Like it or not, and whether they admit it or not, fans do not have the power or the right to demand anything of a franchise or the filmmakers. It’s very easy to understand the disagreements that fans have with one movie or another, but the fact is that the fans have very little influence when it comes to a movie being made or a franchise being built. The fan reaction to said movies and franchises is bound to cause filmmakers to change things up from time to time, but apart from that, whatever influence the fans think they have is next to none unless the filmmaker decides to take their desires to heart. This has been proven in several franchises as filmmakers tend to take their own vision and do what they want with a story as long as the studio agrees. With the DCU, James Gunn and Peter Safran will decide what goes and what doesn’t, so it’s safe to state that fans need to find a way to relax and be patient. 

Given Gunn’s track record, it feels safe to trust in his word that things will work out as they need to

Seeing what Gunn has been able to do in the MCU and realizing that he’s one of the best bets the DCU has to make a big comeback should be enough for many people to maintain a great deal of faith in his decisions. As of now, the news that has been released concerning the DCU isn’t that extensive, but it’s fair to say that not that much is being withheld unless it happens to be information that isn’t fully known yet. James Gunn has been fielding questions and rumors since his recent appointment to co-CEO, and there’s no doubt that he’s going to be fielding many more since fans want to know what’s going on with their favorite movies and heroes. That information is coming without a doubt, but it could be days or weeks before everything is ironed out. 

credit: The Batman

The fans need-to-know attitude can be a little demanding

Trying to pin down when fans became so demanding is rather difficult since the best that many can come up with is that the internet has a lot to do with it. When instant updates became possible, it felt as though fans needed to know as much as they could become essential. Unfortunately, as it’s already been seen, this can lead to rumors, gossip, and false information that can be misleading and cause even greater confusion as people hear one bit of news and then hear something else that contradicts what they just read or heard. The long and short of it is that James Gunn debunks the idea that Robert Pattinson’s Batman has been confirmed in the DCU. 

There might be a way that Pattinson’s character can fit into the DCU, but until that happens, it’s best to keep speculating and stop announcing 

It’s easy to think that Pattinson might find himself cast into DCU canon since there’s always a way to make things happen. But until that happens, and until Gunn and Safran are ready to announce such a thing, it’s wiser to speculate and not bother writing anything that’s considered to be a concrete fact. 

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