Why Does Emily Blunt Spend So Much Time With Stanley Tucci?

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Emily Blunt wows us in everything she does. From her role as the snotty, hateful (hungry and sleep-deprived is more like it) Emily in The Devil Wears Prada to her role as the iconic Mary Poppins, it’s impossible to love her more than we do now. She’s a talented actress who knows a thing or two about becoming the character, and we can’t help but think it is a large part of the reason the handsome and hilarious John Krasinski fell in love with her and married her. But her husband, marriage, and talent aside, her fans want to know why Emily Blunt spends so much time with her Devil Wears Prada co-star Stanley Tucci. Did they become friends on the set? Is there something more? You might be surprised.

Why Does Emily Blunt Spend So Much Time with Stanley Tucci?

As it happens, Stanley Tucci and Emily Blunt are families. They are related by marriage. More specifically, they are related because Tucci married Blunt’s sister in 2012. They actually met at Emily’s wedding to John Krasinski in 2010, and they fell in love. Her name is Felicity Tucci, and she is Emily’s older sister. They are the happy parents of two kids of their own. Their son was born in 2015, and their daughter was born in 2018, which are Tucci’s fourth and fifth children (seven if you count the fact that he raised his first wife’s children from her former marriage).

Stanley Tucci Was Married Prior

Quickly, we ought to mention that Tucci was previously married, and it was a dramatic marriage. He wed Kathryn Spath in 1995. They had a daughter, and then they had a set of twin daughters. They also raised Spath’s children from her first marriage. Tucci left her in 2002 and moved on with Edie Falco, but their relationship did not pan out. Following that relationship’s demise, he returned to his wife, and they remained married until she tragically lost her battle with cancer in 2009.

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Emily Blunt and Her Family Spend Holidays with Stanley Tucci

Emily Blunt is a huge fan of spending the holidays with her brother-in-law. As the world learned during the pandemic, he’s a kitchen talent. He’s a mixologist and a wonderful cook – as is her sister, per Blunt – and the family loves to enjoy Tucci’s Christmas cosmos. They spend their holidays together and often go back and forth between hosting. Either way, though, Emily Blunt feels as if she wins in that one. She gets her sister and her brother-in-law to cook for her, and they are quite talented in the kitchen, so no one loses.

His sister-in-law said of him, “He’s an all-around renaissance man who knows the way to everyone’s hearts. And it’s through having a damn good time. He’s frighteningly bright, quick to laugh, and loves to be laughed at, charismatic, warm, and energetic.” They obviously get along well enough that he was invited to Emily and John’s wedding and was good enough to date and marry her sister, so it seems the family gets along quite well.

Emily Blunt Enjoys Teasing Her Brother-in-Law About Being a Sex Symbol

He was in his 60s when the world finally realized that Stanley Tucci was a catch. He’s always been famous for his outrageous movie personality, but his Instagram videos making cocktails and working on his recipes made the world look twice. Honestly, we get it. He does not get it, but he also doesn’t hate it (let’s be honest and say no one is upset about having the world find them attractive, after all). Though she loves to rib him about it, it’s a good time. She is also quick to discuss it with anyone who asks, knowing it probably makes him roll his eyes and blush. It’s what sisters-in-law do to their brothers-in-law, though, so it works.

Credit: @_emily_blunt_

We don’t know what the family plans on doing this holiday season, but we imagine it involves a Christmas cosmo, a little fun, and a lot of ribbing about Stanley Tucci about becoming a sex symbol when other men are planning for their retirement. This is one family that is living their best life, and no one blames them for it. We wish more families were so close. They clearly enjoy one another, which is wonderful for the family and the children. Growing up with extended family members who get along so well is a lovely thing for a child, and we wish their family the Merriest of the Christmas season and all that goes with it.

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