The Best Mary Poppins Quotes of All Time

The Best Mary Poppins Quotes of All Time
The Best Mary Poppins Quotes of All Time

Credit: @julieandrews

In 1964, Julie Andrews became a household name with her role as Mary Poppins. The young actress was not quite 30, but she’d worked on Broadway for so long that she was already known in the theater world as one of the best. She was the star of My Fair Lady, though Warner Brothers chose not to cast her in the film version because she wasn’t famous enough – they chose Audrey Hepburn instead. They probably wish they’d cast the lovely Julie Andrews now, don’t they? Mary Poppins might be the first character that Andrews made a movie success with, but it wasn’t her last.

Initially, she turned down the role. She had to tell Walt Disney himself that she was expecting her first child and could not take on the role. However, Walt Disney loved her for the role so much that he told her he’d simply wait to make the movie until she had her baby and was ready to return to work. A star was literally born. She took home an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role, and no one was shocked. She beat out Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. Two years later, she starred in The Sound of Music. However, it’s her role as the lovely Mary Poppins we discussed today. Mary Poppins is an icon, and we thought we’d share the best Mary Poppins quotes of all time.

Mary Poppins Quotes About Simplicity

“Why do you always complicate things that are quite simple?”

It’s not a long quote and doesn’t immediately come across as profound, but it is. This single Mary Poppins quote is one of the most profound because it is the truth. The human race aims to take the simplest things and complicate them to no end. She noticed it, and she mentioned it.

The Best Mary Poppins Quotes of All Time

Credit: @julieandrews

Mary Poppins on Making Medicine Go Down

“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down most delightfully.”

This is such a famous quote by the beloved Mary Poppins that it became a song even in her movie. It’s one we all know the words to, and it’s one we sing repeatedly. As a mother, I’ve quoted Mary Poppins more than a few times to my sweet children, and I’ll continue doing it for as long as I am here.

Mary Poppins On Making Jobs Fun

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap; the job’s a game!”

She said this when the children were not looking forward to doing the things that must be done, but that doesn’t make her wrong. There is fun to be had in every situation, all the time. If you can look past all the things that make you dislike what you are doing, you will find the fun, and the job seems much more enjoyable. It’s a gift that many people fail to realize they have.

The Best Mary Poppins Quotes of All Time

Credit: @theellenshow

Mary Poppins on the Possibilities

“Everything is possible, even the impossible.”

She says this with such belief that it’s hard to imagine anything being untrue. Mary Poppins knows that if you believe it is possible, you are halfway there, and she’s not mistaken. The problem with the world is that we are so stuck in our beliefs and ways that we fail to remember that anything is possible. It just takes a little creativity, a little desire, and a lot of hard work on occasion, but it is possible.

Marry Poppins on Nothing

“Nothing is such a useful word. It can mean anything and everything.”

Think about that one for a moment. You can answer almost every question in the world with a simple ‘nothing,’ which means everything by it or mean anything by it. What a powerful and almost magical word that is. Nothing. It’s everything. It’s anything. And it’s nothing.

Though Julie Andrews went on to become the biggest star in Hollywood, she will always be beloved for her role as Mary Poppins. She’s still working regularly, taking on exciting and fun roles. She’s naughty and exciting and someone we cannot help but adore. She makes everything she touches look effortless and elegant, and she is a true beauty from the inside out. She reminds me so much of my grandmother. Beautiful, elegant, and ready with her quick wit, lovely crooked smile, and sparkling personality.

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