“Mary Poppins Returns” Trailer Starring None Other Than Yondu

Imagine if Yondu was digitally inserted into the entire Mary Poppins Returns trailer. That would be hilarious to be honest. The only problem with Yondu that a lot of fans that remember the original Guardians of the Galaxy, BEFORE Star Lord and Drax, is that Yondu was a lot different back in the day. He had an actual bow to fire his arrow from and the fin wasn’t used to control the arrow at all. He was just that good of a shot. Plus, he did still control his arrow with sound waves, like whistling. But that Yondu was never a space pirate, at least not initially.

When Disney took hold and the MCU got going they took Yondu and made him into something that was a lot dirtier, a lot meaner, and a lot different than the original character. In the original Guardians he did team with Starhawk, who was played by Sylvester Stallone in the latest movie, but as to their falling out it wasn’t quite the same. A lot of older comics have been taken by the MCU and just ripped to shreds it feels like, but some of them haven’t been pieced back together in the nicest of ways. They’ve been slammed back together as though someone’s making a giant meatball of a movie and expecting it to look good to the public. Those that don’t remember the comics or were never into them are of course going to think this new look is awesome if they’re into it, but they won’t know the back story. For a lot of them it doesn’t matter, but for those of us that were into the comics so long ago it’s almost like being tossed out with the trash since our opinions don’t matter.

The MCU does occasionally make up for it though with funny moments like this. You’ve got to admit that watching Yondu float down from the burning wreckage of the space ship looking for all the world like a blue-skinned, fin-headed Mary Poppins is kind of funny. Even better is the line he comes up with as he’s floating down since Yondu obviously has no idea who the character is. Anyone on earth saying this would be subjected to laughter of the kind that would make anyone’s ears turn red. But Yondu isn’t from earth and it’s a touching moment between him and Peter that makes this so great. When in the world would you ever use a line like that again? It would have to be just perfect timing and a planned moment of such magnitude that you couldn’t or wouldn’t dare put anything else in that space. That was pretty good planning by the Disney crew.

So yeah, Disney does at times take a lot of liberties with the comics we knew and loved back in the day and tends to make a huge mess of them. So did Fox, but look at some of the hero movies we’ve gotten from them. Sometimes you’ve got to take on faith the fact that things are going to work out the way they should.

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