10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ash Lamiroult

The reality show sector is one that just keeps going, and there is no limit to what the world of television will produce in order to gain followers and views. For example, Temptation Island is one of those shows that garners a massive viewership, yet it leaves many of us scratching our heads and wondering what on earth these people are thinking. Why, if you are a happy couple, would you make the decision to go live with a bunch of singles to ‘test the water’ and see if you’re really happy? You’re either happy, or you are not happy, and you are either committed or you are not committed, and you shouldn’t need a reality show to tell you this, but we digress. The show is a hit, and it’s people such as Ash Lamiroult who are going to see if her relationship is worthwhile.

1. She’s a Writer

Here’s the deal with Ash. She’s a writer. She is 28, and she is happy with her life. She is living her dream, doing what she wants to do, and she is happy where she is. She’s going through some changes in her life, however, that is causing her to question a few things, and those things have led her to this show.

2. She’s in a Relationship

She’s one of the couples on the show. She is going onto the show with her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half. His name is Hania, and he is 30. They’re old enough, in our opinion, to know if they are committed to one another or if they just aren’t as into it as they are behaving, so we question this entire situation.

3. She Met Her Boyfriend Through Friends

Ash met her boyfriend through friends. They were introduced, but she apparently did not show any interest in him at that point. She didn’t make an effort to get to know him further, and it seems he might have had a bit more of an interest than she did.

4. She Continued to Rebuff Him

Following their initial meeting, she did not respond to his DMs. He did what the millennials call “slid into her DMs,” yet she continued to ignore him and show no interest in him at that point. It was clearly not love at first sight for these two – or for her.

5. They Finally Matched

The reason they finally began dating is that this couple matched on a dating app. So, they met, he tried to reach out to her, and it took a dating app for them to begin dating. Let’s see if maybe she simply never received his messages because she doesn’t accept them from strangers.

6. She’s Exceptionally Passionate

Now that they are together, they are exceptionally passionate. They, in their own words, “cannot keep their hands off of one another,” and that would seem to be a good sign. However, even after 1.5 years, they are still unsure where their relationship is going and if they have what it takes to make it long-term.

7. She is Moving

She’s got a job waiting on her in Brooklyn, so she is moving from New Mexico (we believe they are in Santa Fe) to New York, and that is why she’s going on this show with her love. Before they commit to a long-distance situation, they want to see if it’s worth it to them and they can do it. Still of the opinion that perhaps if you aren’t sure you can commit to long-distance with the person you allegedly love, perhaps you are not really as into them as you might think?

8. Her First Date Was a Long One

When she met her current boyfriend, they spent 12 hours on their first date. They were passionate for one another at that point, and that seems to have lasted a while.

9. She is Hopeful

If one thing seems very clear to everyone, it is that Ash hopes that she can make her relationship work. She seems very much in love and hopes that they can get through whatever issues she believes they are having in their newly long-distance situation. It seems her hope for this is to see if the temptation is something that might be a problem for her, though she is hopeful that it is not.

10. She is Active Online

She hasn’t a large following at this point, but she is active on Instagram. She shares many photos and spends her time online sharing and engaging. She’ll likely end up with more followers as the show airs, and that is something she’ll deal with when it happens.

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