10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kimie Tsukakoshi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kimie Tsukakoshi

The world is beyond curious and Kimie Tsukakoshi and the life she is leading. She’s an actress who has been growing in popularity over the course of the past few months, and the world is focusing on the work she’s doing. She’s exceptionally talented, lovely, and her fan base is growing significantly. However, we still know very little about her. We did some digging, and we think we have a good idea and a clearer picture of just who Kimie Tsukakoshi is.

1. She’s Multi-Talented

She’s a woman with more than one talent. While you see her as an actress, she’s also a talented singer and dancer. She is someone who can take on any role that requires any of the above, and that makes her a triple threat. That’s a good thing in Hollywood, though.

2. She is Australian

Her fans are often surprised to learn that she’s Australian. She was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, but she has a diverse heritage. Her father is Japanese. Her mother is Singapore-Chinese. Her parents genes together allowed her to grow into a beautiful young woman, but her parents genes are also why people are shocked she’s from Australia.

3. She is a Trained Dancer

Growing up, she trained as a dancer. She’s not just good on her own. She spent many years of her childhood learning to dance in contemporary dance classes. She also took ballet classes, and she is trained as a jazz dancer.

4. She is an Attorney

She trained her entire life as a dancer, but she also went to school to focus on her career as an attorney. When she graduated law school, she made it a point to go to work as a corporate lawyer. She did not last long in the business, though, as her desire to be an actress won out over her desire to practice law. She’s smart, though, and it shows.

5. She Is Young

While she might not be old enough for many to believe she has accomplished all that she has, she did. She did go to law school, and she did practice law, and she is only 22. She was born on May 15, 1999, in Sydney, Australia. She’s smart, and she has accomplished a great deal in her short life.

6. She Studied Musical Theater

In addition to studying law and various forms of dance, Kimie is also someone who studied musical theater. It is just one more thing she can add to her already impressive resume to impress casting directors and her fans. Is there anything she does not do well?

7. She’s Doing Well

With all the work she’s done in her relatively short career, she’s done well for herself. While there are not exact estimates available, it’s been rumored that she has an impressive net worth that falls into the one million to five million dollar range. That’s not bad for someone who is getting started in her career.

8. She is Very Private

If there is one thing she’s also exceptionally good at that doesn’t really go on her resume, it’s maintaining her private life. She is a woman who is good at keeping her private life to herself, which is important. To be successful in the world of acting, it’s helpful to have a life you can go home to at night without the world knowing what is going on behind closed doors. One thing she did share with the world was the day her fiancé asked her to be his wife. She shared with the world her beautiful ring, her fiancé, and their dog. She shared that she is beyond happy that her best friend is also the man she gets to marry, and the world is celebrating alongside her.

9. She Likes Food

She’s every one of us. Her Instagram biography shares that you will find her near the food, which is what we are all about. She loves to eat, and she loves good food. She also loves to share that with the world, which is cute.

10. She Enjoys Life

While she might be good at keeping her private life to herself, she’s also very good at being someone who has fun. She shares photos of herself having a good time with her loved ones. She loves to go out, to have fun with her friends and family, and she even has a cute dog. She is a young woman who loves life, and life clearly loves her right back.

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