Whatever Happened To Dian Parkinson?

Dian Parkinson

Fans of the show “Price Is Right” know who Dian Parkinson is. In case you are not familiar with the name, Dian Parkinson was the model on the show for 18 years before quitting to pursue other avenues of her career. The model and former Miss USA is now 76 years old, and most people have always wondered what happened to her. Well, this article details the life and times of Dian Parkinson, over the years, and what she has been up to lately. Read on.

Born Dianna Lynn Batts on October 30, 1944, in Jacksonville California, Dian Parkinson always knew she would be a successful star when she grew up. Parkinson grew up in a very religious family. Unsurprisingly, the religiousness of the family couldn’t condone modeling and everything related to it. However, if it is meant to be, it will be, and this was especially true for Dian as she eventually followed her dreams. The young Parkinson participated in local modeling shows and pageants and became Miss USA. She represented the USA in the Miss World contest finally coming in second at the pageant. Not much is known about her parents’ names or her siblings as the model despite being in the limelight for a long time has managed to conceal information about herself quite well.

Career Life

Growing up in a family where modeling was prohibited needed extreme determination and stubbornness which fortunately Dian had. Her strong will and never-ending determination eventually set her on the path to be one of the leading ladies on the Miss World contest. According to TV Show Stars, Parkinson’s journey towards being one of the most successful models of her time began with Miss District of Columbia in 1965. Parkinson decided to give the competition a shot and ended up winning it.

Seeing that she had won the competition, she ended up signing up for the Miss USA that same year and placed fourth. Needless to say, 1965 was one of the most successful years for the model as her strict work ethic eventually landed her a spot on the show USO with legendary performer Bob Hope. Hard work always pays off, and this was evident when the model got chosen as the Bob Hope Desert Classic 1965 golf tournament queen.

Parkinson’s Time On The “Price Is Right.”

The “Price Is Right” was the show that put Dian Parkinson on the map in Hollywood. When Dian joined the cast of the show the “Price Is Right”, she was only meant to be a temporary replacement for Anita Ford. She appeared on the show for three episodes, but her charm resonated well with the audience and the production as well as she eventually got cast full term. After her substitution contract expired, she returned to the show fully in August 1975 and became a household name for close to 18 years. 1975 would also be the time Parkinson guest-starred in the “Tyler Moore Show”. Three years later, Parkinson made a cameo on the pilot of the TV show “Vegas”. Dian’s time on the “Price Is Right” falls close second as the longest time after Janice Pennington. Pennington was on the show for more than 28 years. Dian Parkinson earned the name ‘The Bikini-Clad Vixen while on the show due to her outfits.

Scandals And Controversies

In 1993, Bob Barker, host of the show the “Price Is Right” announced that Dian Parkinson would be leaving the show in pursuit of other career avenues. The following year, Parkinson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in the Los Angeles superior court against Bob Barker. In the lawsuit, Dian claimed that Barker had forced her into a three-year-long sexual affair which saw her experience tremendous pain and eventually led to a miscarriage. She contended that Barker used the incident to get her to cooperate or else face termination from her job. Barker denied the allegations citing that the two indeed had sexual relations, but consent was involved. The lawsuit got dropped in 1995 with Parkinson stating that it proved to be too costly and took a heavy toll on her mental health.

Other Notable Careers

According to the Affair Post, Parkinson graced the cover of Playboy Magazine twice in December 1991 and in the May 1993 issue. In 1993 the model was featured exclusively in a ‘Newsstand Edition’ of the magazine and in that same year the video Playboy Celebrity Centerfold: Dian Parkinson was also released. Still, in 1993, Dian was the official spokesperson for the EZ Krunch which was home exercise equipment.

So What Has Dian Parkinson Been Up To?

Seeing as Dian Parkinson has for a long time been a very private person, not much is known of her endeavors after her exit from the show the “Price Is Right”. According to SF Gate, she put up her $3 million residence in Westlake Village, California for sale in November 2019. The home is listed as a comfortable home in an elite gated community boasting of multiple entertaining spaces, fireplaces and coffered ceilings. The home was built in 1992, and the last exchange of the house occurred in 2015 where it went for a whole $2 million. The serene master suite upstairs in the home has a private balcony, a fireplace and a sitting area. The room also features a double walk-in closet and a mirrored wardrobe that is seemingly diva-like. Outside the home bears a close resemblance to a resort with a spa and pool, cascading waterfall, a barbecue area and a cabana with a fireplace.


Dian Parkinson was among the highly sought after models of her generation and one of America’s leading models. She graced several ramps and catwalks during her tenure as a model. Parkinson’s charm and endless determination saw her make several strides in her career, beating all odds. Although the talented model has experienced several lows in her career, she still managed to come out ahead and created a decent lifestyle for herself in the process.

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