It’s Time for a Miss USA Pageant Documentary

It’s Time for a Miss USA Pageant Documentary

Miss Nebraska winning the Miss USA Pageant

Beauty, poise, elegance, intelligence, and a type of bearing that many women would love to have is what some folks might think it takes to become Miss USA. However it does take a lot more than this to secure a position that many upon many women would love to experience. Some folks would like to think that it just takes being beautiful and having a gorgeous body, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Even after learning this however there are still some that question the need for such a pageant, but that’s a question for another article. In this current article it’s more about the need for a documentary that might show just what some of these individuals go through in order to even get the chance to come up on stage and show what they have to offer.

It takes quite a bit of skill and luck to make it as far as the final pageant since contestants, who number in the thousands, are required to compete at the local, state, and national levels in order to be considered good enough for the final pageant. This means that they have to somehow impress the judges several times in order to finally be seen as good enough for this pageant, which usually means staying in good shape, maintaining the lives that they’ve been cultivating since before becoming known, and also showing that they have the beauty and the brains to stand on stage with the other contestants. For the chance to be up on the big stage it’s a lot of glamour and a lot of pressure, but for some of the women it’s the only thing they can think of on their journey towards the top. You can bet that there’s a good deal of competitive fire between the lot of them but what a documentary might show is that a lot of the women, while wanting that crown that comes at the end, will still gladly help their fellow competitors when needed and will seek to bolster one another in order to allow each competitor the chance to put their best foot forward.

In a way the candidates tend to bond throughout their time in the pageant since despite being competition for one another they’re still well aware of how hard it is to get there and how difficult it is maintain the necessary poise that it takes to continue through the pageant and make it to the end. There’s no doubt that it’s rather crushing when a competitor reaches the end of their time and realizes that they won’t be crowned, but then again the experience is something that can’t be denied as a life-changing opportunity that is bound to be remembered by those that take part in it and have had the support of those around them and their families as they’ve done what it takes to be a part of something so great.

Of course as Crystal Ayres from ConnectUs shows there are pros and cons to the whole beauty pageant world and a documentary would need to show these in equal measures, if possible, to really promote what it’s like. For instance while it does promote friendships and fair play among the competitors the pageant doesn’t exactly play fair in who it chooses to promote. For instance, those from rural communities far too often get overlooked since they don’t enter into bigger competitions until they reach a certain level, and are seen as less impressive than those that come from larger, more sophisticated environments that breed a great deal more competition. Yeah, the list of cons only gets worse the further down the list you go. There are plenty of pros, it’s not meant to be an absolutely exclusive event after all, but while the women that are involved are often allowed to be friendly towards each other and promote the kind of atmosphere that you’d like to see in a friendly competition, it’s a little harder than you might think since the pageant rules are a little more strict and a little more exclusionary than people realize.

A documentary of the Miss USA pageant would likely put a spin on it that a lot of people would take as negative in a big way it seems. But instead of just focusing on the bad it would need to showcase the good as well since there are plenty of reasons why the pageants are good thing and they do tend to balance out the cons in a big way. The kind of money that can be brought to any town or city hosting the event is enormous, and the chance for some women to represent their state is a great honor that can’t be overlooked. But it is pretty obvious that if a documentary of any quality is ever made that it won’t be as glamorous as the actual pageant.

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