When Your Dad is live on BBC News But You Just Can’t Wait

As a father who works from home I can’t help but to find this video to be perfect.  The amount of times my 4-year-old son and 11 month old son have walked into my offices is something I cannot count.  They’ve walked in on me in the middle of working, in the middle of phone calls, a perfect anecdote, you name it.  They’ve walked in on me during important business skype calls as well.  However was I ever broadcast to the world when this was happening?  Nope.

Here’s quick lesson to news reporters out there.   Don’t ever agree to do a news segment from your home office when your kids are home.  Next thing you know you’re on BBC news which is in turn on CNN and your kid walks right in thinking you’re available.

All you can do it just sit there all serious and apologize.  That’s what happened to this guy.   Great stuff.

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