That Time a Contestant Won a Horse on The Price is Right

Since its debut in 1972, The Price is Right has been a fixture in the world of daytime TV. Every day, people tune in to see what kinds of prizes the contestants will win, and they’re usually met with some pretty good surprises. However, I think it’s safe to say that nothing was more surprising than the time a contestant won a horse on the show. No, we aren’t talking about a stuffed horse or some other kind of toy, we’re talking about a real, live horse. By now, you’re probably wondering how this came to be, but don’t worry we’re about to tell you the whole story. Continue reading to learn all about the time a constant on The Price is Right won a horse.

The Story of the Horse Prize

Anyone who has ever seen The Price is Right knows that the show is all about testing people’s abilities to guess how much things cost. Typically, these ‘things’ include furniture, vehicles, vacations, and other items. Needless to say, when Carl Slater appeared on the show back in 1958, he was ready to put his skills to the test. While he was definitely hoping to go home with some great prizes, he probably wasn’t expecting to win a live animal. That latter, however, is exactly what happened.

During the show, Carl won several prizes including a two-year-old Palomino horse. According to Whickr, “Palomino is a colour which means that they do not have a uniform type – it will vary according to the horse’s breed. A palomino is a chestnut horse that has inherited one copy of a dilution gene, which lightens (“dilutes”) the ginger to a golden body and white mane and tail.” There are some people who probably would’ve been a little annoyed by a prize like a horse, but Carl seemed to embrace it. An article from reported that “Slater joked to the studio audience he had sold a cow to finance the trip and would return home with a horse.”

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any details on what happened to Carl or the horse after the show. Sadly, though, Carl has since passed away. His obituary states that he died in September of 2006 at 79 years old. The obituary, which briefly mentions Carl’s appearance on The Price is Right, also notes that Carl “went quickly without suffering and with the love of his life, his wife Susan at his side. ” We can assume that the horse has passed away as well.

From what we can tell, this isn’t the only time a live animal was used as a prize for the show, but I think it’s safe to assume that that would never happen again. These days, most people would be outraged by the idea of a game show giving a contestant a pet as a prize, especially an animal like a horse which many people do not even have enough space for.

The Horse isn’t The Only Unusual Prize in The Price is Right History

We’ve already established that winning a horse on The Price is Right is about as bizarre as it gets. However, the truth is that there have also been some other pretty interesting prizes over the years. In fact, the horse wasn’t even the only prize that Carl won. That day, he also took home a coat of armor that came with a trip to Scotland so that he could learn more about the armor. Some of the other bizarre prizes won on The Price is Right include a submarine and a ferris wheel. At the end of the day, though, most people who appear on The Price is Right are just happy to win anything. After all, if they end up with a prize that they have no use for, they may be able to sell it. Plus, they’ll always have a cool story to tell.

What’s Next for The Price is Right?

The Price is Right has been on the air for 50 years, and even after all of that time the show is still going strong. Although quite a few things have changed since the show started, people’s love for it hasn’t. At the moment, it doesn’t look like the show has been officially renewed for its 51st season, but we have every reason to believe that it will be. While we’ll probably never see anyone win a horse on the show again, there are still lots of cool prizes to look forward to and lots of people who are excited about the chance to win.

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