Where is Bob Barker in 2022?

Where is Bob Barker in 2022?
Bob Barker 2022

Credit: Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much

Bob Barker, known solely to most as the previous host of The Price Is Right, has had quite the enjoyable career as a gameshow host, but that wasn’t all that the incredible human being had done with his life. However, one may remember Bob Barker best, the 98-year-old game show host still has fond memories of his days as a radio host, game show host, and mild actor, but some may ask, in 2022, where is Bob Barker? Outside of hosting one of the most popular game shows and longest-running ever created, Bob Barker has also had appearances in movies, shows, and documentaries about The Price Is Right and scandals surrounding the show. While many remember Bob Barker’s most famous role outside The Price Is Right on the Adam Sandler comedy film Happy Gilmore. Below we’ve detailed Bob Barker, his work on various radio and television platforms, and more, especially where Bob Barker is in 2022.

Bob Barker 2022 The Price Is RIght

credit: CJ Wallis

Bob Barker

Bob Barker started his career in media as a radio host in Springfield while attending college, but before that, Bob Barker met his girlfriend at an Ella Fitzgerald concert when he was fifteen. While at college, Bob Barker enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve as a pilot but never saw action. Bob Barker then went to leave the military and married his wife before returning to college and radio. From that, he and his wife moved to Florida for more work opportunities for Barker, in which Bob became the editor and announcer on an AM station in Palm Beach. Although Bob Barker’s career in AM radio would be utterly unknown to anyone learning of him in 2022, it was essential to his career. Finally, at the end of Bob Barker’s radio career, although unknown to him, he and his wife moved again to the opposite side of the country in California for more work opportunities. To officially end his time in radio, Bob barker had his radio show, The Bob Barker Show, in which he was scouted after a six-year run to host a new daytime television show known as Truth or Consequences. While Truth or Consequences had Bob Barker as a host from 1965 to 1975, it was the time after that of Bob Barker’s career that got him on The Price Is Right, although he started hosting in 1972 and into our minds in 2022.

The Price Is Right Bob Barker

credit: CBS/The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right

Although in 2022, Bob Barker isn’t the host of The Price Is Right, as Drew Carey has been the host since 2007, he has remained on the minds of most who have known him on The Price Is Right since birth, such as myself. Even with Drew Carey as host of The Price Is Right, seeing anything related to The Price Is Right for literal generations of fans will always trigger the name Bob Barker. In 2017 a documentary called Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much was centered around a contestant on The Price Is Right who studies the prices of popular products in preparation for appearances on The Price Is Right. As someone who just discovered this documentary yesterday, in 2022, Bob Barker was, of course, on my mind. In the documentary Bob Barker, as well as the producer while he was on the show, made appearances and talked about their various experiences on the show and with the specific contestant, Theodore Slauson.

Betty White Pets

credit: MPI/Betty White’s Pet Set

Bob Barker in 2022

Even though Bob Barker may seem like the male Betty White, the two had an altercation in 2009 due to their disagreement over an elephant at a Los Angeles zoo. Following the event, at The Game Show Awards, where Bob Barker was to receive a lifetime achievement award, the two juggled between who would and wouldn’t appear at the event. Although sad to compare Bob Barker with the unfortunate passing of Betty White, in 2022, Bob Barker has already reached 98 years old, so Bob Barker’s time may catch us by surprise as Betty White’s did. Ultimately, for the most part, Bob Barker retired from hosting as he appeared in acting roles for years beyond retirement but returned to The Price Is Right on occasion. Bob Barker was known to be quite funny, as seen in his charisma which has been what got him so far in his career and such a television staple, but he also had a soft spot for animals, as noted from his reminder to get your pets spayed and neutered. Bob Barker’s mission for animal love extended well into 2022 as the game show host has donated millions to animal rights groups, projects, and other organizations, as well as being a vegetarian since the passing of his wife.

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