11 of the Best Bob Barker Moments On and Off The Price is Right


Bob Barker is heading back to The Price is Right! Not for good, of course, as the host remains retired. But to help celebrate his 90th birthday, CBS has invited Barker back for only the second time since his last show where he handed the reins to Drew Carey.  To celebrate, we decided to search the web for the best Bob Barker moments from the past 90 years of his life. Most of them are on the Price is Right, naturally, but a few aren’t. Fancy a little golf, anyone? Check out the list below.


1. Bob Barker and a very out of it Contestant – Bob interviews a guy from California who is immediately confused about the nature of his question. I’m not saying the kid is a little loopy…but yeah, he’s probably not 100%, let’s be honest.


2. Bob Returns as a Special Guest with Drew Carey – This isn’t the first time Bob Baker will be going back to The Price is Right after his retirement. He’s already shown up to hang out with new host Drew Carey, and this is a bit of the footage from the episode which you can check out above.


3. The Very First Episode – Wow, I’m amazed this is actually online. This is the very first episode of The Price is Right (then called “The New Price is Right”) with Bob Barker. He’s 90 now and still a charmer, but he was so good looking back then! See young Bob in action above.


4. One of the Worst Contestants Ever – Bob tries to be nice, but wow, this woman is one of the worst contestants the show has ever seen. Just watch and see if you can take your eyes off of this.


5. Bob Barker on the Price is RAW – Wow, I had NO idea that Bob Barker ever appeared on WWE RAW. This is an amazing clip where he actually plays The Price is Right in the middle of the wrestling program. It’s from not that long ago either.


6. Bob Barker’s Final Episode – Well, we featured his first episode, so we should probably have his last too. This was Bob’s final episode as host in 2007, though as we note he’s been back a few times since.


7. Craig Ferguson Pays Tribute to Bob Barker – This was at the Daytime Emmys a few years back, and has late night host Craig Ferguson honoring the recently retired Bob in his own unique way. Is Barker a vampire like he says? How does he stay so young?


8. Bob Talks About Being Snubbed for the 40th Anniversary Price is Right Special – A few years back, Bob was snubbed for the 40th anniversary of the show, much to the dismay of fans everywhere. In this audio interview with TMZ, he explains the reason why. Glad they’ve made up and he’s able to appear again.


9. Bob’s First Grey Hair Day – Most people my age only know Bob Barker with grey hair, but that wasn’t always the case. He dyed it for years, but one day, decided enough was a enough. This was that day, and that first grey episode.


10. Some Hilarious Highlights – Sometimes there are too many great Price is Right moments with Bob to separate into a bunch of tiny videos. This is a compilation that features some of the most funny occurrences with Barker on the show.


11. Bob’s Incredible Activism – While it’s fun to go over funny moments in Bob Barker history, the man had a serious mission in life. He’s an enormous animal rights activist, and this short video explains just all the man has done for animals over the course of his life.

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