What is Mark Harmon’s Net Worth in 2022?

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Mark Harmon is one of television’s most recognizable faces thanks to his long-running role on the hit show NCIS. He is handsome and talented, and he is doing good things with his life, but we bet you didn’t know just how well he’s doing. Mark Harmon’s net worth in 2022 is $120 million. He’s been in the business a long time, but he’s also managed to make good choices with his financial life. He’s a man worth learning a little more about. How did he amass such impressive wealth?

Mark Harmon’s Early Life Was Interesting

There are so many things we never learn about our favorite stars. We might know who they are married to and if they have kids, and the work they do in Hollywood, but do we really know much about them? No, and Mark Harmon is no exception. He’s a man who led an interesting life growing up. First and foremost, did you know he’s 71? He is. He was born on September 2, 1951, and that blows our minds. He’s in great shape and clearly cares for himself.

He is one of three kids – the youngest and the only boy – and both of his parents were famous and successful. His mother is Elyse Knox, known for acting, modeling, and artwork. His father is Tom Harmon, who played college football and even won the Heisman Trophy while playing football at the University of Michigan. He went on to play for the NFL before becoming a sports broadcaster. Even his sisters do well. Kristin Nelson, who is no longer with us, was a painter and actress. Kelly Harmon was also a model and actress, and she was married to John DeLorean, the car guy.

Credit: NCIS

Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Mark Harmon knew he’d follow in his father’s footsteps and play football. He was a natural, so he did just that. He played for UCLA in the position of quarterback. Interestingly enough, though, he didn’t start playing until his junior year after attending a much smaller school for his two-year degree. He spent two years playing, but he didn’t express any desire to go into the NFL. Instead, he chose to go into the business world. His career began in merchandising, though he considered a career in law. It wasn’t long after that he decided acting was better for him, and he made a change. His first roles were small ones, but it would take a while for him to become famous.

How Much is Mark Harmon Paid?

If you find yourself curious about how Mark Harmon’s net worth in 2022 is so much, you are not alone. It was more than a decade into his acting career before he became well-known, and it was a lot of hard work and time. In 2018, an article published by Country Living stated that Mark Harmon is television’s fifth-highest-paid actor behind the Big Bang Theory guys.

It was reported that he was earning around $525,000 per episode on NCIS, which he starred in from 2003 until he left in 2021. He spent a long time working on the show and made significant bank from it. With around 24 episodes per season, he earns more than $12 million per season on the show. He spent more than 18 seasons working there – though he did not start out with a half-million-dollar paycheck – which amounts to big bucks.

Credit: NCIS

Mark Harmon Has an Active Personal Life, Too

One thing that Mark Harmon has been quite good about is his private personal life. He and his wife make sure their lives are not splashed across newsstands or internet articles. They work hard to keep their marriage and kids as private as possible, which is probably why it’s worked so well for them. Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber married in 1987. They have two sons from their marriage, and their life is private.

All around, Mark Harmon is a good guy. He tried to obtain custody of his own nephew when his sister was incapable of being his mother. The boy’s doctor also agreed that Harmon’s sister was in no place to parent the young man. In 1988, Mark Harmon saved a boy’s life in his teens following a car accident. The accident was just outside of his southern California home. The car contained the driver and the teenage boy in the passenger seat. While the car was burning to the ground, the teenage passenger was stuck in the car and unable to get out. Harmon grabbed tools from his home and broke the boy free, saving his life. Though he suffered major burns to more than 30 percent of his body, he is alive.

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