Is Mark Harmon Taking a Break From NCIS?

Is Mark Harmon Taking a Break From NCIS?

Is Mark Harmon Taking a Break From NCIS?

Mark Harmon has been playing the character Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS for a decade now, and he has become of the fan favourites of the show which has proven to be a hit on CBS. now, he is reportedly taking a break from NCIS. Considered too be one of the most distinguished actors in the TV industry thanks to his role as Agent Gibbs, Mark Harmon has admitted he has no desire to leave NCIS, and while other actors would become restless and bored by their role in the same show year after year, he is happy with everything that he does on the show with the co-stars, and as long as the show goes on, he will as well. NCIS has been around for sixteen years now since its first season in 2003, and it has been growing in popularity ever since. But everyone has to admit everyone deserves the occasional break every once in a while, and Mark Harmon is no exception.

From a financial point of view, it would be extremely strange for anyone to just take a break from a TV show where you make $525,000 per episode for the starring role Mark Harmon plays, but the reason why he is taking a break has nothing to do with money. The reason he is going to take a step back from NCIS is that he wants to spend some much needed time with his wife, Pam Dawber from Mork & Mindy, and celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. The couple plans to go to Europe where they shall visit several countries, and according to a source who told Radar, they plan to visit Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and Germany in the spring. They also want to put some spark back into their marriage.

Insiders have noticed that couple seem to be perfect, and they put family first and try to find time for themselves. Pam has been there for her husband through everything from court battles, conflicts with co-stars, and family dramas. Pam is an actress who was popular in the 70s and the 80s, and she worked with Robin Williams in Mork&Mindy, and she also starred alongside the late actress Rebecca Schaeffer on My Sister Sam.

Mark Harmon and Pam have been married since 1987, and they are the proud parents of two sons – Sean and Ty. Pam left her acting career to take care of her children. Nothing much is known about the marriage given the couple seem to do their work and keep their home lives as private as they can be. In fact, Harmon himself has stated he and his wife prefer to keep a low profile as possible. As a result, there is very little about them on social media for the world to dissect and judge. And it is not a shocking decision for them since they are just like that naturally. Mark Harmon, his wife, and their children are not into social media anyway.

The international trip is going to happen regardless of whether or not NCIS is renewed for a 17th season, and even if it is Gibbs will still be involved with the show. Indeed in an talk with People Magazine, Harmon has stated clearly he has no intention to leave the show just yet, and it was a fairly recent edition – February 2019. Harmon is extremely impressed with NCIS given how their ratings are doing phenomenally well, especially given a show of its age is remarkable.

Another thing to remember about the star is he’s in for a long haul. He says he knows when the show will meet its end and that’s final, and when its all over there won’t be another role like it for him, indicating how seriously he takes the role and how fond of Gibbs he is.

Mark Harmon is not stupid – he is aware and has admitted as much that nothing lasts forever, and his role as Gibbs and NCIS are no exception, and he is one of a number of people who work on the show every day, feeling pride in everything that they do.

Fans of NCIS should be relieved – Agent Gibbs is not going anywhere for a long time.

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