Meet the Cast of Basketball Wives Season 8

Basketball Wives Season 8

The VH1 reality series ‘Basketball Wives’ chronicles the lives of the women who are in a relationship with professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association. This includes their relationships, their home lives, their children, their careers and their social lives. Viewers can enjoy the interactions between the wives and girlfriends, which covers both their highlights and their conflicts. The series premiered in April 2010 and it is now in its eighth season which aired for the first time on June 19, 2018. There are 16 exciting episodes to look forward to in the new season,
In the eighth season, viewers will see the return of many faces they already know, plus the addition of some newcomers. This means that there are already strong relationships between some members of the group and conflict between others, and the injection of new blood could stir things up a little. The series has caused some controversy as so few of the cast members are actually wives of basketball players, says Madame Noire. However, all the cast have been married to basketball players, are engaged, or are in a long-term relationship and have a child with a basketball player. So, who will you see in the cast of Basketball Wives Season 8?

Jennifer Williams

Williams is one of the original Basketball Wives cast member, although she has not been one of the main cast members for the entire series. Between seasons one and four, she was a main cast member, but she left the show and did not appear in season five. She returned in season six as a recurring cast member, before returning to her former status of a main cast member for seasons seven and eight. She is one of the controversial characters in the series as her husband, Eric Williams, retired from basketball in 2007 before the series began. Therefore, she is not strictly speaking a basketball wife. Williams has become known for her conflicts with other cast members in previous seasons, and this is something that is set to continue in season eight.

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada has been one of the main cast members for every season of the show since it premiered in 2010. Prior to joining the cast, Evelyn was the fiancee of basketball player Antoine Walker. By the time series started, she was engaged to football star Chad Johnson, who she later married. This meant that her selection as a cast member was controversial. The couple divorced in 2012 and Lozada began a relationship with baseball star Carl Crawford, with whom she now has a son. Although they were engaged for four years, the couple called off their engagement in 2017. During season eight, viewers will see Lozada trying to become a better mother until her old habits return.

Shaunie O’Neal

Another original cast member who has been a main part of the cast for all eight seasons is Shaunie O’Neal. She is the ex-wife of retired basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. In addition to being one of the main cast members, she is also an executive producer for the series. Furthermore, Shaunie O’Neal is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Shaunie and Shaquille have four children together, plus they each have a child from former relationships. One of Shaunie and Shaquille O’Neal’s sons, Shareef, has the potential to enjoy a career as a professional basketball player just like his father and he currently plays for UCLA. Season eight sees O’Neal coping following her eldest son’s heart surgery.

Tami Roman

Roman is another member of the cast who has been in the series since the start. She is the ex-wife of retired basketball coach Kenny Anderson, who was the coach at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for 27 seasons. You may also recognize Tami Roman from her time as a cast member of ‘The Real World: Los Angeles’. In addition to her work as an actress and television personality, Roman is also a businesswoman and model. Roman and Anderson have two daughters together., Lyric and Jazz. Lyric Anderson is a web-series personality, while Jazz Anderson is a hip hop artist.

Jacki Christie

Christie is a relatively new member of the series as she joined the cast in season seven. However, this wasn’t officially the first time she had appeared in the series as she appeared as a guest in the background in one episode of season two of the series. She is the ex-wife of retired basketball player Doug Christie. In season eight, viewers will see Christie suffering from empty nest syndrome as her son goes off to college.

Malaysia Pargo

Like Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo also joined the cast at the beginning of season seven. She is the ex-wife of Jannero Pargo, who is a professional basketball coach and former basketball player. Viewers can look forward to Pargo getting into confrontations with Roman and Williams in the new season that relate to rumors revealed in the previous season of the series. Malaysia Pargo is a jewelry designer and she has one son, Jannero Pargo Jr., with her ex-husband.

Feby Torres

According to Ebony, Feby Torres is a new member of the cast who is being welcomed into the fold this season. Torres is the ex-girlfriend of basketball player Lance Stephenson. The former couple has a daughter and a son together. In addition to appearing in this reality series, Torres is also working on establishing herself as a rapper.

Supporting Cast Members

Along with the main cast members, there are also some supporting cast members who appeared in season seven and are returning for season eight. These include Kristen Scott, CeCe Gutierrez, and Ogom Chijindu. Kristen Scott is the wife of former league coach Thomas Scott, while CeCe Gutierrez is the girlfriend of coaching legend and former Los Angeles Lakers player Byron Scott. Ogom Chijindu is a lingerie football athlete and she is in the show because she is dating Kwame Alexander.Angeles Lakers

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