What if The Mandalorian Were an Anime?


It feels as though it doesn’t need to be said that the style of something would change once it’s transformed into anime, but here I am saying it simply because the truth is that going anime would change up the stories quite a bit since seeing Cara Dune sexualized in any way is kind of eye-opening, but also a bit disappointing since it adds to her feminine nature but it also feels like it minimizes her effectiveness at being the badass that she’s been introduced as. Maybe that’s just one opinion, but keeping her from being anything but the tough and still sensible character that she is feels like a distraction that’s not needed. Even Din’s mannerisms feel slightly different, but at least he’s not dressing IG-11 up in bows and an apron, which is kind of silly to be sure since it also makes IG-11 look a bit ridiculous and undermines the droid in a big way. In other words, anime would appear to rob The Mandalorian of a lot of the serious nature that goes into the show in order to keep it a little more light-hearted and possibly more amusing. Fans of The Mandalorian would no doubt be at least a little divided on how efficient this really is since some would no doubt prefer the live-action on basic principle while others would probably accept the anime version if only because anime is still very popular and a lot of fans might even think it’s an improvement.

It does sound as though a fair number of fans are already commenting on the second season thus far and aren’t as pleased as they were with the first season. The second episode of the second season is already drawing a great deal of criticism, which is amusing since a lot of people are forgetting that in the first season there were a couple of episodes that didn’t fully conform to what people were wanting since they felt more like side quests than anything that Din should have been forced to get into. The point though is that while attempting to finish or continue one quest Din has been sidetracked since his main quest tends to require him to take on other matters that might not appear to have much to do with his main goal, but essentially earn him new allies and continue to learn from each experience. It’s very true that not every quest is connected to his main goal, but so far things have been either tied up within each episode or have been allowed to carry over into other episodes in an attempt to keep a certain amount of consistency since the second episode did see Din and his passenger saved by two X-Wing pilots that ran his ship’s ID and found out who he was, and that he was a wanted man. They also found out that he helped the Republic by apprehending a group of wanted criminals and assisting one of their fellow members, which meant that he was given a pass, and a suggestion to be more mindful when someone asked for his ship’s registration.

If The Mandalorian were to go to anime it does feel that things would change a bit too much for the current story, especially since whether some folks are having an issue with the show, they’re still bound to keep watching since the show is still just as impressive as it was in the first season, and with what’s coming it’s only bound to get better since finding out what part Sasha Banks is going to play, as many think she’ll be taking on the part of Sabine Wren, and the fact that Ahsoka is still coming, and that the character of Boba Fett is coming, should be enough to keep people happy at this time. How all of this would be represented by anime is hard to say, but it’s easy to imagine since it would be the same type of look that most anime shows take on, which is pleasing to many folks but is less than acceptable to others. Hey, some folks like anime, and others aren’t really fans of it, at least not to the degree that they might accept one of their favorite shows making the switch. The Mandalorian is one of the many shows that’s come out within the past year that people happen to like just the way it is, and thankfully things aren’t bound to change since at this point it feels as though it would be kind of disorienting, not to mention that it would likely lose a few fans if only because the live-action effort has been highly successful. Anime is great for those that like it, and it’s not going anywhere to be certain, but it’s still not embraced by everyone.

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