Here’s The Mandalorian Connection To the Star Wars Prequels

Here’s The Mandalorian Connection To the Star Wars Prequels


There are plenty of connections linking The Mandalorian to the Star Wars prequels since no matter how hard Disney tries the prequels predate the purchase of Lucasfilm and, guess what, they’re canon whether people like it or not. Taking them out at this point would leave more holes than a hunk of Swiss cheese and would surely lose a great number of fans since whether people enjoy the fact or not, Star Wars does have the kind of continuity that people are claiming it doesn’t. The link that’s being discussed by Thomas Bacon of ScreenRant however has to do with a specific gunship that was seen during the Clone Wars and is now present within the trailer to the live action series that will be coming to subscribers on the 12th of November.  There will be plenty of connections to the original movies and the prequels when the show is seen in its entirety since as it’s already been noticed in the history of Star Wars the outlook on bounty hunters isn’t always that positive, but it’s also one of convenience since they’ve been used a couple of times in the past. The gunship is just one of the many that will surface since within Star Wars the bounty hunters are typically those that exist just beneath the fabric of most societies as they tend to need anonymity to operate, as being known for your reputation is something best left to those that are seeking glory or those that are infamous simply because of their past record, for ill or good.

For a long time now there’s been speculation as to just how tough Mandalorians really are, but as I’ve written in another article these are the types of warriors that can go toe to toe with just about anyone and come out the winner even if they happen to lose. That doesn’t make much sense does it? But it does if you think about the warrior culture that Mandalorians are born into and raised by. Mandalorians have allied with the Sith in the past and have dealt with the Empire but they tended to stay away or clash with the Jedi and the Republic. They’re not necessarily evil characters, but they have a definite outlook on weakness and it’s just not something they can stomach. The reason I’d say that a Mandalorian would win even after a loss is that the individual that won the fight might still be subjected to even more of the Mandalorians’ allies and kin not long after given that this warrior culture doesn’t often forgive and usually doesn’t forget. The idea of the lone figure in the coming show seems to be that he won’t be relying heavily on his fellow Mandalorian’s, at least not within the first looks we’ve been given. But in the books, that are a part of the EU canon at this point, Mandalorian’s were beyond tough and were trained to fight from an early age. In a way they’re almost like the Spartans of the Star Wars universe, as those that possess the skills and combat awareness are like walking tanks in full armor and make great use of the weaponry they have on hand.

It’s hard to say at this point if the Mandalorian will be flying the recognizable gunship or if it will factor in somehow in another way, but it is going to be making a big appearance it would seem. There are also a few famous faces that we’re going to see in the show as it’s been revealed already, and it will be interesting to see the increased diversity in the franchise since this is one of the things that people have noticed about Star Wars throughout the years, that it’s featured few people of color in the early years but thankfully took care of that issue later on. One argument that could be made, even it would debated, is that in the original trilogy we were being given only a narrow view of the overall universe in order to focus on the main story at hand. As the franchise expanded we’ve been given more characters, more people of color and race, and have been granted a wider view into a universe that is incredibly diverse. Anyone disputing that now needs to take a step back and notice that we’ve gone from mostly white males in leading roles to women, people of color and different ethnic backgrounds, and as a result have enriched the story just bit more.

The Mandalorian is going to connect to Star Wars in a big way since it shows a little more of the seedy underbelly that the Jedi and Sith don’t always portray, and will be likely to give a better view of the universe away from the Force. There’s plenty out there besides the Jedi and Sith after all.

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