Do You Think the Mandalorian Mystery Man is Boba Fett?


It’s so easy to rile up fans in a good way or bad isn’t it? The mere mention of Boba Fett is enough to get Star Wars fans in a tizzy since the famed bounty hunter, we can’t really call him a Mandalorian at this point, is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars. That’s kind of amusing given that in the original trilogy he was only given a short amount of screen time and didn’t really interact with the cast until The Empire Strikes Back. But upon mentioning the famous bounty hunter a lot of people might have a few questions, such as how he survived the Sarlaac Pit in Return of the Jedi. Here’s where we go into what’s non-canon and what’s canon, the always confusing pot that Disney just had to stir when they scrapped so much useful material. As a lot of fans know and Nicholas Raymond from ScreenRant confirms, it was assumed that Boba Fett would likely be dead when he was swallowed up by  the Sarlaac, a creature that burrows into the sands of Tatooine and basically just waits for its meal to fall into its belly. The Sarlaac can do this since it takes a very, very long time for its food to digest and really the only things it needs to worry over are the enormous krayt dragons that inhabit the world. But enough about that, let’s get back to the theory of Fett.

The cape and the armor make it pretty easy to think that the mystery figure approaching Fennic Shand’s inert body in the latest episode is a Mandalorian, but apart from that there really isn’t much that’s seen of the character, and unfortunately while Mandalorian’s are hard to kill, it’s not impossible. Phil Owen of The Wrap tends to lean into the Fett theory as well. Thanks to their reputation throughout the galaxy they’re known to be notoriously hard to take on, let alone kill, but they’re not infallible. Boba Fett has become one of the most popular characters thanks to the writers that have made him into a cold-blooded machine that doesn’t quit on a bounty and doesn’t back down from a challenge, but even if he is alive in the current canon there’s the question of what he’s been doing on Tatooine for so long. The explanation of course could be that after having to battle his way out of the Sarlaac pit he was without credits and without his ship, which could have easily been confiscated upon news of his death, and had to find a way to get it all back. Or it could have been that Fett just needed a break and time to recuperate after the fiasco with Jabba’s sailing barge. The implications of this mystery character being Fett though are much bigger than the reveal as many people should be thinking about what it would mean for the Mando to meet up with Fett.

We’ve already seen just how capable Mando is when it comes to combat, but Fett has been made a legend since he’s taken on some of the toughest bounties and, whether you want to count it or not, has stood toe to toe with some of the worst villains in the Star Wars universe, including Darth Vader for one brief moment. The bounty hunter’s reputation is well-deserved since he’s taken on and taken down some of the toughest jobs in the universe and in the expanded universe he even ended up forming his own group of mercenaries to take on the alien threat known as the Yuzhaan Vong near the end of the war. I know, I know, canon and non-canon, the whole mess that Disney created by scrapping so much useful material and thinking that they knew better when it came to the story lines. In truth the Mouse House has done quite well in terms of the box office but disregarding so much material out of hand and not trying to work it in somehow, but still cherry-picking it all the same, is kind of frustrating. But if Fett does get the reveal it would be interesting to see how he and Mando might interact and if it would be a peaceful meeting or one that might put them both in jeopardy since Mando isn’t a pushover, but Fett is an absolute legend. Matt Miller of Esquire is another individual leaning on the Fett train, but again, there’s that lack of any solid evidence beyond a familiar sound and the desire to actually see the famed villain.

People seem to forget that there was an enclave of Mandalorians in the beginning of this series that Mando hung around as well, and they ALL wore the same armor to a degree, so it could also be one of them trying to catch up with Mando and the rumors of Fett could be nothing more than a hope created by those that are wanting to see more and more familiar faces, so to speak, on the show. We’ll have to wait and see obviously, but at this point ruling anything out wouldn’t be wise.

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