What We Learned from The New Trailer For The Mandalorian


We’re being given a good buildup to the release of The Mandalorian and it look as though the reputation that the tough and hardened individuals have gained over the years since they were included into the Star Wars franchise is going to finally be showcased. Thus far this guy looks insanely tough and his armor is something that is not to be trifled with as it takes glancing hits and blaster bolts without failing him. The one thing that isn’t known yet is just who the guy is and what time frame we’re going to be seeing him in, meaning which movie his story will be taking place alongside since the Mandalorians have been around for a long, LONG time in the history of Star Wars. The good thing is that Julia Dzurillay of the CheatSheet is able to give us these answers in a very definitive manner since it’s already been established that Pedro Pascal will be playing the titular character and no, he is not playing Boba or Jango Fett.

Honestly Boba Fett can’t technically be called a Mandalorian since he wasn’t born on Mandalore, which means he’s not a native, and he was indoctrinated into the culture by his father Jango. It’s debatable if Jango can even claim the culture, but they both follow the ways of the Mandalorians when it suits them. If you’ll remember, Boba was a clone of his father as well, so calling him a Mandalorian is really off no matter that he wears the iconic armor. One thing that Boba and the Mandalorian do have in common however is that they were both raised in harsh environments and taught how to survive in one way or another, even though Boba didn’t have to learn until his father was killed. The Mandalorian is a strange character largely because he tries to do the right thing but takes this on a situational basis and can sometimes be seen doing questionable things that might go against the moral code of many others. But the fact is that he’s a bounty hunter, and if anyone has ever seen a bounty hunter in action or even on TV then you’ll know that they’re not bound by the law as much as regular police officers are and they’re certainly not the strictly heroic type since they’ll do just about anything they can to get the job done. In this case that seems to mean bringing the bounty in dead or alive, though alive usually pays more since the people putting up the bounty tend to want to exact a bit of revenge. Star Wars is a rough story when you get right down to it and move past the idealism.

What’s great about this trailer is that it shows that the Mandalorian will be getting right down to business and will be taking on some serious bounties such as the Trandoshan that he fights early on in the clip. There’s also a look at a noted bounty hunter droid named IG-88, if it is in fact the same character, and a very anti-Empire sentiment that seems to be taken. The timeline of this show is going to be after Return of the Jedi but before The Force Awakens, so the First Order might still be on the rise as the Mandalorian is going about collecting bounties and trying not to be double-crossed. That’s the one thing about being a bounty hunter when it comes to Star Wars though, someone is usually going to be out to get one over on the main character in order to one-up them or simply take that person out. The great thing about Mandalorians is that they’re raised to be tough and they’re not generally allowed to lower their guard since this is how their society teaches them to behave.

Throughout the history of Star Wars the Mandalorians have always been among the toughest of individuals since they’ve even taken on Sith and Jedi and come away either triumphant or at the very least with their lives. In the EU they’re shown to be expert tacticians and extremely tough warriors that are bred from a young age to be able to handle themselves and outwit as well as out-fight their opponents in many different ways, and a lot of them have armor that can deflect a blaster bolt at close range or protect them from lightsabers if they’re in possession of the right material to craft said armor. In short, Mandalorians at half-speed are the type to be extremely cautious around, but a Mandalorian in their prime is an individual to be avoided at all costs, unless you’re bringing a turbolaser and a squad of TIE fighters to the party. Even then it might be a good idea to have backup since these warriors aren’t known for walking into a situation they can’t walk out of, and they don’t tend to quit until they’re dead.

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