Funny Video Mocks “Every Episode” of The Mandalorian

Funny Video Mocks “Every Episode” of The Mandalorian

As far as mockery goes there are probably several videos out there that might do a better job of mocking The Mandalorian than this one since it would appear that the creators of the video somehow got tired in the middle of making it and just…well, stopped. Some folks would actually take offense at seeing one of their favorite shows mocked, but as one grows a bit older and a little more capable of shrugging off said criticisms, it becomes a lot easier to just laugh and roll with it. This attempt though is something that might have sounded good in the heads of those that were making it, and it’s likely that they had a plan and have experience making other videos that are easier to follow, but this was kind of just ‘meh’ when it comes the overall impact behind it. It’s easy, to be honest, and state that The Mandalorian isn’t for everyone and that there are moments in the show that are easy to take and mock with a fair amount of success considering that it’s possible to do this with virtually any story. But there are also attempts that have a set plan but for one reason or another try to be a little too intellectual or too silly and end up playing themselves in a manner that makes it less than appealing for the viewers.

This particular attempt wasn’t something that a lot of people are bound to look at and think that The Mandalorian suddenly got burned or somehow was given a mocking salute that we can laugh at since to be fair, it’s kind of ridiculous even if it’s worth saying that the people doing it were trying. A real mockery is something along the line of Honest Trailers of CinemaSins, sites that are actively trying to find what’s wrong with the show while at the same time making sure that people are paying attention to it. The show does have moments here and there when it does feel as though something could have been done differently, or expanded upon, or even given a different look or feel, but so far people have gotten over it since the show in its entirety has been quite pleasing and it’s easy to state that it’s been one of the most enjoyable shows that have been on Disney+. Mocking it isn’t a big deal since the reputation of the show is tied to Star Wars, which has been mocked relentlessly over the years, and as such can take it and keep moving forward with a big smile.

In fact, Star Wars has thrived despite the mockery that has come it’s way over the years and people have accepted the mocking videos and explanations that have come since the only other thing to do is get mad or depressed by such behavior which, in many cases, is well-intentioned and not meant to do anything but make people laugh. That’s the thing about making fun of anything, how it’s received is often dependent on the nature in which it’s created, since those that do enjoy mocking shows and movies for no better reason than to tear someone down will always find supporters, but their efforts are usually bound to fail since unless they achieve their end goals it’s likely that most people are going to laugh at them and think that they’re simply bitter for one reason or another since attacking a franchise such as Star Wars is one of the worst ideas possible since there are simply too many supporters that will stand up for pretty much anything that has to do with the franchise and will even go to such a length as reminding people that it’s FICTION and that getting angry about fiction is something a child might do to keep hold of their illusions. The upside though is that this doesn’t appear to be that, since it wouldn’t appear that there’s any anger involved in the video. It’s simply a clip that is, more or less, kind of ridiculous and slapped together it feels like, which isn’t a bad thing, but is kind of odd when one thinks that this was meant to mock the show in some way.

But for anyone that tries to mock The Mandalorian and finds a way to make it stick, bravo, since it will help people love the show all that much more and probably end up making a few new converts that want to see the actual show and what it’s all about. Mockery is sometimes the best form of flattery since when it’s not made with ill intent it can be a way to show people that you do in fact love something so much that you’re comfortable with pointing out whatever inaccuracies you happen to see.

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