People Want The Mandalorian More than Stranger Things

People Want The Mandalorian More than Stranger Things


When it’s said that people want The Mandalorian more than Stranger Things you might think that this means that Disney+ is on the verge of edging out Netflix in terms of popularity. Cool your jets and take time to breath because that’s not the case and the streaming wars haven’t hit a crescendo yet since the Disney network hasn’t even hit its stride. The Mandalorian has in fact been one of the most sought-after shows thus far and it’s only coming up on its fourth week, so anything can happen as Mike Jones of ScreenRant states. At this moment the show has given fans a great deal of information and has revealed as much as it’s kept hidden. We still have a ways to go with it since it’s scheduled to run through the end of December, so keep in mind that between now and then a lot of things could possibly happen that fans might not like. But if Jon Favreau is on point with this then there are bound to be a lot of things that we do like since the show came with a built-in fan base and as a rule that usually seems to favor the show that people have been waiting for.

It’s also important to note however that when Stranger Things first came out it was the talk of the town so to speak since it was one of the hottest shows on TV and one of those that a lot of people wanted to know more about. Barb, strangely enough, was one of the most popular characters for a while since it felt as though she was developed only to be dumped in the same season and only given some peace through a lie. A lot of shows are on fire when they first come out and despite not wanting to dampen any glee for The Mandalorian people have to realize that there’s a lot of information to take in about this character and the culture alone, and not all of it is going to align so well with the rest of the Star Wars franchise that we’re used to. The Mandalorians have been warriors and mercenaries for quite some time in the Star Wars universe, and their reputation, despite being well-earned and deserved, is something that we’ve only been able to see in an animated version up until now. But given how integrated they are within other cultures, as far as interacting with them, it does seem as though the Mandalorians should be able to showcase several different characters and possibly bring in some fan favorites if only for a cameo here and there. At this point there’s no guarantee that this will happen, in fact there’s not even a rumor, but it would be appreciated surely and would be something that might gain the show even more esteem. David Sims of The Atlantic has more to say on this matter.

For so many shows the first season is usually a big bang moment since it allows the fans to get into the show in a way that ignites the fire that brings a conflagration of comments, questions, and overall good cheer that lasts until the credits roll on the final episode and might continue on to the next season. The only problem here is that once the show starts to slip a bit people notice rather quickly, and while this hopefully won’t be the case in season 1 or season 2, if there is one, The Mandalorian is going to have to be able to pull from all corners of the galaxy in order to maintain the rhythm and verve that it has now, since even in Star Wars it’s been seen that things can get stale rather quickly. Thankfully there seems to be plenty of material yet to use in order to make this show one of the shining examples of what can be done when the Star Wars universe isn’t being used as a feminist’s playground. The hope of course for Star Wars is that not only will The Rise of Skywalker be the hit we’ve been waiting for, but that a long break from the end of the movie until the next release will allow many fans to finally start clamoring for it to return it would seem. In the meantime if Disney wants to build up the fan base once again, if it’s ever depleted that much, it’s on the right track with this show since thus far there hasn’t been a loud outcry against it. In fact it’s been one of the most well-received Star Wars projects in a while if you’re keeping count, since fans exploded after The Last Jedi in a torrent of verbal abuse and displeasure, but so far they’ve been nothing but positive when it comes this show. Let’s hope it continues and that there’s another season that’s bound to be just as good.

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