Check Out Raising Baby Yoda: A “Mandalorian” Fan Film

Check Out Raising Baby Yoda: A “Mandalorian” Fan Film

Baby Yoda

If anyone ever says being a single dad is easy then just show them this clip so they can get a good laugh and maybe see things from a different perspective. Thankfully most dads don’t have to worry about their kids levitating things or eating the unfertilized eggs of another species when they’re not supposed to. But being a Mandalorian and a caretaker is shown pretty well in Raising Baby Yoda since fan films are going above and beyond this year to deliver the kind of entertainment that’s bound to keep people amused. This kind of material does make a person wonder what we’re not seeing between episodes as far as the story goes between Din and Baby Yoda, since with as much as the kid eats he has to vacate his bowels at one point or another. After eating a whole frog he might have had to find a bush somewhere if he has the presence of mind to do so. But there’s also such a thing as temper tantrums to consider since the fact that Baby Yoda is strong in the Force makes it likely that sticking him in a room without windows would be a good idea since allowing him to have his time to throw a fit would be best. It would certainly save on collateral damage.

There’s still the nagging thought that at some point Din and Baby Yoda are going to have to part ways since at this point there are a lot of rumors coming out concerning The Mandalorian and various other characters, and unless they’re going to up and disappear within the vast regions of the galaxy then it would be difficult at best to fit them into the story at some point since there’s no mention of them in the most recent trilogy and fitting them in somewhere might not be too difficult but it would still be a challenge. It’s one that some of us would love to see though. But getting back to the subject, raising someone like Baby Yoda would definitely be challenging since he’s not too keen on staying still all the time and when he does get into things there’s usually a chance for things to go from awkward to bad to worse in a very short period of time. It’s not that the kid is bad, but he’s definitely curious and there are times when that’s proven to be almost fatal or at the least extremely inconvenient. He’s also been pretty handy to have around too at times.

The fan film is downright silly but it does raise some interesting questions since the show has made it clear that Din is taking his responsibility as a guardian very seriously considering that he’s risked life and limb for Baby Yoda more than once and has had a run of bad luck here and there because he decided to save the kid from whatever the Imperials were going to do to him. The fact that the Empire’s designs for the kid are starting to become a little clearer is kind of nice since it’s easy to see that Moff Gideon is likely trying to curry favor by being the one to bring the Emperor back and further his own designs, while the other Imperials are undoubtedly doing the same. That’s the odd thing about the Empire, as soon as there’s no one at the top of the chain of command they all start squabbling over what’s left. It’s easy to think that the Republic wouldn’t have much of a task of stamping out what’s left of the Empire when they can find them, but of course, since we know that the Emperor isn’t really dead but biding his time on Exegol and making clones of a leader that will take over the First Order when it finally rises. By the time that happens though it does feel that Din and Baby Yoda will either be out of the picture or will have concluded their tale and be considered as one of the best parts of the Star Wars franchise from that point on.

But up until that point, it’s very possible that we’re going to see even more hair-raising adventures that will put Din and Baby Yoda in more than their fair share of danger since that’s been the story thus far and there’s no reason to change it up just yet. But people are hoping against hope to see Ahsoka Tano soon and find out just what will happen with Baby Yoda, but there are other theories that people are starting to entertain as well. With the various connections that are to be made within the Star Wars franchise, it’s not hard to see why people have been coming up with theories left and right, but all we can do right now is wait and see which ones are proven.

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