There’s Only One Cara Dune and Let’s not Forget That

There’s Only One Cara Dune and Let’s not Forget That

It’s kind of obvious that a lot of movie studios don’t listen to fans and their suggestions, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but in some cases, it does become a little irritating since the fanbase of The Mandalorian does want Gina Carano back, but since it would force the Mouse House to eat a lot of crow, it’s not bound to happen. Disney doesn’t like bad press or being made to look bad in any way, so it’s fair to say that if they ever do bring Carano back as Cara Dune, it will be due to the fact that they found a way to wriggle free from the responsibility of firing her in the first place. The controversial firing came thanks to a tweet that Gina placed on Twitter that Disney found in violation of what they stood for, though it’s enough to think that a few of their other stars have sent out tweets of the same or similar nature that were more than a little troubling, and didn’t see their employment terminated. It’s a moot point right now obviously, but it’s still one that a lot of fans would love to see resolved in a much more efficient manner. 

But the fact is that fans also decided that if a replacement for Gina had to be found that Lucy Lawless might be the best way to go, which is confusing since it would require a time jump of several years considering that Gina is 39 years old while Lucy is 53. Even with makeup that’s a pretty big difference, and on top of that, Lucy isn’t a former MMA fighter, which kind of helps to make the character in the first place. Yes, I get it, Lucy could have a stunt double perform the action sequences, but Gina’s martial ability kind of tied into the character and made her that much better. But as much as the fans might want to see Lucy step into the role, he’s already resigned to the fact that it probably won’t happen. This is what Lucy had to say via Movieweb:

“Well to be honest with you, I was already in discussions about something on – it wasn’t The Mandalorian – something Star Wars-affiliated. It might have hurt me in some way, because then they couldn’t hire me because it would seem to be pandering to… I’m just guessing here, I don’t know anything, but in some ways, it can be unhelpful, because if they pander to this fan group, then how are you going to pander to every other fan group, do you know what I mean?”

It’s possible that Star Wars might still be in her future, after all, there are plenty of spots to be created and to be filled without any doubt, but if Lucy is thinking of stepping back it’s not bound to be something that people will blame her for. The real pain in the neck here is that Disney has been undeniably stubborn about Carano’s firing and subsequent banishment from anything to do with Lucasfilm in the days to come. Given the length of time that Disney has been in business and the fact that most of their stars have their own opinions and tend to tweet them out or put them on Instagram or whatever other social media platform they’d like, the treatment of Carano feels kind of ridiculous since there’s no rhyme or reason to it no matter how much one wants to spin the story. But replacing Gina with someone else as Cara Dune would come as a blatant slap in the face to a lot of fans that happen to love the character and don’t want to see anything happen to her. Let that sink in just for a bit, the fact that anyone would even think to replace Carano, who helped to make The Mandalorian what it came to be with her own role, is apparently acceptable to some folks, and perhaps even to Disney. There are plenty of ways to write her out, but one can bet that Disney isn’t going to own up to what amounts to an overreaction since that’s not typically how the Mouse House rolls. 

It might sound a little naive, but there is only one Cara Dune, and while she’s not a legendary character as many others have become over the years, she’s still someone that people ended up liking after the first season of The Mandalorian and were excited to see return. Some people might want to say that they don’t care if someone replaces Carano, but to be honest, that’s likely at least half a lie, since Carano made this character, and anyone stepping into her shoes will have a long way to go when it comes to getting the fans on their side. 

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