Bring On the Mandalorians for Season 3

Bring On the Mandalorians for Season 3
Bring On the Mandalorians for Season 3

credit: The Mandalorian

Bring on the Mandalorians for season 3! Fans have been waiting for this show to return. Due to delays, it’s been even longer. But Din Djarin and Grogu are on their way back to Disney+. Looking at the trailer, things are going to get tense very quickly. More Mandalorians don’t always mean less excitement, after all. 

The last time anyone saw Din and Grogu was in The Book of Boba Fett, where the duo kind of took over for some reason. But apart from that, both characters have experienced a great deal of growth. Grogu, after training for a short time with Master Luke Skywalker, decided to stick with Din. 

Din now has the Darksaber and the enmity of Bo-Katan Kryze, the woman who considers herself the rightful ruler of Mandalore. It’s not just that, since Din has also been cast out by the Armorer, and is no longer considered a Mandalorian. There’s a lot going on in the galaxy at the moment. 

Where Din and Grogu fit in is kind of hard to say. The duo has been on their own for a little while. While they’ve had company now and then, it feels that they’re not looking for a bigger clan. 

There’s still the question of Grogu’s training

Grogu might have trained under Luke Skywalker, but it’s fair to say he didn’t finish. He made the choice to stick with Din instead of finishing his training, but this begs the question of whether or not he’ll ever finish. It’s easy to think that he won’t become a Jedi, but Grogu still needs the chance to train. The trailer makes it appear that he’s powerful already, but it does still stand to reason that he needs guidance. 

Din isn’t the worst teacher when it comes to helping Grogu understand right and wrong. But he doesn’t have access to the Force and therefore doesn’t understand it. There’s also the fact that, as a Mandalorian, Din has little to no trust in the Force or the Jedi. 

A fight between Din and Bo-Katan should probably happen

Bo-Katan wants the Darksaber, and Din has it. The thing is, Din doesn’t want it. He went on a mission in season  2 to find and save Grogu. Being the leader of Mandalore isn’t even close to what he wants. 

What he does want is to be around his own people. The Mandalorians are scattered unfortunately and are still at odds with each other thanks to their differing beliefs. How Bo-Katan will capture and hold onto Mandalore, if she does, is a question that needs answering. Whether Boba Fett is going to get involved is another good question. 

Season 3 already looks and sounds as though it’s going to be the best yet. The exposition and action that’s been leading up to the third season have been intense so far. The fans still don’t know that much about Din, except that he’s a foundling and a Mandalorian. What is known at this point is that he’s a skilled warrior and a decent person. 

Bring On the Mandalorians for Season 3

credit: The Mandalorian

The idea of seeing Mandalore has a lot of fans excited

Mandalore has been featured before in books, comics, and animation. But in live-action, it’s exciting to think about what the fans will get to see. How much of the season will focus on the Mandalorians’ homeworld is uncertain. But it does feel that this will be the best way to progress the show and tack on more material. 

Thus far the landscapes and worlds that the show has made use of have fans in awe. This is arguably the best show that has been produced in the Star Wars franchise in a long time. Many fans would even go so far as to state that it’s the best representation of the Star Wars universe at this time. 

That might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s not entirely inaccurate. The Mandalorian has so far focused on something other than Jedi but has not cut them out entirely. It has featured a look at the underworld aspect of the franchise without going so deep that it becomes disconnected. In other words, it’s as perfect as it needs to be. 

It feels like this show could last a couple more seasons

Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have both made it sound as though this show could go on. Like any other series, it feels as though this could happen. So long as the fans still enjoy what they’re seeing it’s fair to think that this show will stick around. 

There is the thought that Din’s story could be the gateway to another story that will lead to another. After all, as a human, he’ll only be able to age so far before he grows old. But then again, that’s another story in itself. 


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