Recreating the Macarons from The Mandalorian With Babish and Jon Favreau

There couldn’t be any way to do this episode of Binging with Babish without Jon Favreau, especially since Favreau is a fan of the show. To hear Babish admit that he’s way out of his depth is kind of hard to believe after everything he’s created is worth a lift of the eyebrows, but the fact that he admits it is nice since hey, somethings we have to admit that we’re entering an arena where we don’t have quite as much experience. But as most of us can hopefully admit, there are times when we find that the confidence we hope for is going to be tested since we haven’t hit that high level of performance on a regular basis. The great thing about this show is that Babish is bound to get a lot of practice since the desire to show the audience how to do something and look impressive while doing tends to drive him towards getting it as accurate as he can on camera, with some comical content obviously to make it a little more interesting. In this case, the blue macarons found in The Mandalorian come out looking great, but he does manage to go into a couple of different recipes in order to show a more traditional style of making the macarons and a style that is a little more kid-friendly since the treats are a bit rich. But to hear that Babish is also a fan of Favreau’s is great since it does mean that he’s bound and determined to get the recipe right and to make it look as authentic as possible.

It is recommended, by some folks, that one teach their kids to share unlike Grogu and the reluctant kid in the first episode of The Mandalorian season 2 did, but otherwise, this does sound like a very pleasing snack that could fill someone up for a little bit, or make them sick depending on how many they consume at a time. Some sweets can be munched on all day without any effect depending on the person, but with the amount of butter and other materials that go into these things, it feels safe to state that one might feel a little queasy when the resulting blue-tinged lump hits their stomach since it does sound rather rich and as anyone should know at some point in their life, too much rich food hitting your stomach can cause a bit of discomfort and create a quick and messy evacuation, especially if one finds that they’re about to engage in a lot of frantic motion that could further unsettle their stomach.

With pretty much anything that is seen on TV or in movies it’s easy to accept that Babish might pick it up and make his own version of it, and that version is usually going to come out looking pretty good to a lot of people. These macarons aren’t any different since they do look pretty good, but they also look like a stomach ache just waiting to happen in one of the sweetest ways possible. The blue macarons that were featured in the show have already been seen to go on sale and while some folks have said they’re pretty good others have gone on to state that they’re nothing special since they’re just blue cookies without a lot of flavors. This is likely because a lot of companies that are looking to make a buck off of a popular TV show don’t tend to get the ingredients right and go more for the look than anything. The sad part of this is that if these cookies are made right they sound heavenly, but for the sake of getting the maximum amount of packages out to consumers there are going to be a lot of corners that get cut and as a result, the quality will go down as the quantity goes up. At some point, it becomes more about marketability since the quality is no longer a possibility given that there aren’t dozens to hundreds of actual bakers that are willing to sit and make sure that every product rolling off the line is going to be one hundred percent accurate. In the world of business, this just doesn’t work since it takes a lot of time and a great deal of effort.

It’s also unfortunate since this is what drives up the price of some items that are specially made considering that there’s more effort and those selling them know that people will pay for quality given the fact that buying a pack of cookies in the store and a pack from a well-renowned baker are two very different experiences. A lot of people still value quality over quantity, and in this instance, it’s fair to say that quantity doesn’t always win out.

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