Mandalorian Fan Drops $10K to Build a Life-Sized Razor Crest Replica

Mandalorian Fan Drops $10K to Build a Life-Sized Razor Crest Replica

Mandalorian Fan Drops K to Build a Life-Sized Razor Crest Replica

Star Wars fans are often called crazy, eccentric, even toxic, but there are more times than people take notice of when said fans can be impressive in their fandom as well, as Ayaal Federov, a diehard Star Wars fan from Yakutsk, Siberia, has proven with his current creation. The Razor Crest, Din Djarin’s vessel from The Mandalorian, took Ayaal a little over $10 thousand dollars to recreate. What can be seen in the clip below is nothing short of amazing since Ayaal actually sold his own car and, along with money that had been donated for the project, managed to put together a 46-foot long replica of the ship that’s as faithful as it can possibly be. Even better is that Ayaal has allowed people to come and view the ship for no charge apparently since no one has reported any money changing hands to offset his costs. Some would likely say that he has the kind of money that makes this possible already, but on a more positive note, this could mean that he’s a genuine fan that wants others to share the experience of what he’s done and enjoy the recreation of an iconic vessel that, unfortunately, was blasted to pieces in the second season shortly after Grogu was captured by Moff Gideon.

The Mandalorian season 2 ended back in December of 2020, but many people are still celebrating the show in a big way as they continue to talk about what’s next for Din Djarin, how it might tie into The Book of Boba Fett, and many other subjects that have to do with one of the new favorites of the Star Wars franchise. With Grogu going with Master Luke Skywalker, a lot of people are already wondering what could possibly be left for Din to do, but apparently many are forgetting that he now has possession of the Darksaber, the weapon that Bo-Katan was after so that she might reunite the Mandalorians and reclaim Mandalore. The only problem with this is that Din can’t just give her the Darksaber, as Moff Gideon instructed, and Bo-Katan knows, it can only be earned in combat, meaning that Bo-Katan would have to defeat Din, much as Din defeated Moff Gideon to obtain the blade. The difference in beliefs between the two Mandalorian warriors is amazing really since Din was astounded that Bo-Katan and her companions would remove their helmets, while they in turn were a bit dismissive of his decision not to remove his. But this is likely to be one of the main conflicts in the next season of The Mandalorian since it is a big deal, especially considering that to the Mandalorians, tradition, and honor are everything.

Din’s craft was constructed as a gunship as its form should indicate, but thanks to his many modifications it became the bounty hunter’s home and base of operations, leaving him mobile and almost completely unfettered by anything he couldn’t do without. The fact that it contained a carbonite freezing chamber was pretty impressive, as was the size of the storage space since he was a busy guy before the fans were allowed to meet him judging by the bounties he’d collected. His ship was his pride and joy, even if he wouldn’t admit as much, since it was where he slept and where his world was when he wasn’t with his fellow Mandalorians. Seeing it blown apart by an enemy that couldn’t beat him one on one has to be a frustrating thing to experience, especially since Moff Gideon has shown himself to be what many think of Imperials as, to begin with, cowardly and conniving and always trying to steal an opportunity to cause mayhem. There was a practical reason behind destroying the Razor Crest, but it also became a personal matter when this happened since Din wasn’t about to let the matter go considering what the ship meant to him. From season 1 to season 2 the ship took a serious pounding as it had to be patched up a couple of times thanks to the damage it incurred. But despite that, it was still a pretty solid ship and one that could have likely kept going if it had been repaired and restored back to the way Din had been keeping it.

This is something that a lot of fans would find a daunting prospect since the cost of creating the Razor Crest was quite expensive, but apparently it was worth every cent to Ayaal. The attention to detail is nice, and one can imagine that he would go so far as to paint it at one point to make it look even better. Star Wars fans can be pretty toxic or even insanely annoying at times, but there are plenty of us that are capable of showing our love for the franchise in very positive ways.

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