Disney is Planning on Five Total Seasons for The Mandalorian

Disney is Planning on Five Total Seasons for The Mandalorian


Five seasons is long enough to develop a serious liking for The Mandalorian and to get his full story, right? It’s only taken one season for a lot of people to be smitten with the helmet-wearing bounty hunter thus far and even less time for everyone to be all over Baby Yoda with praise and affection. As of late the craze has dipped a bit but make no mistake when assuming that the fad has ended since by next October it’s going to be pretty obvious that people have been biding their time to see just what the next season is going to bring about. As David James of We Got This Covered has revealed there’s one thing that we can almost count on, and that’s the fact that five seasons will happen since WGTC are pretty confident about their sources. That’s definitely enough time to see a few key things happen and to bring back a couple of characters that have some unfinished business with the Mando. It’s also enough time to get the lead character embroiled in some pretty heated scuffles and to make sure that people know just why the Mandalorians and the Jedi don’t get along all that well, since the Armorer actually directed Mando to take Baby Yoda to them for training. In a way, to the Mandalorian’s this is kind of like aiding the lifelong enemy, though as the Armorer said, “This is the way.”

What’s really exciting is what’s to come since there’s a good chance that we’ll get to see a Mandalorian vs. Jedi dust-up and unfortunately Mando might actually get the short end of the stick on this since it’s been seen that no matter how good he is he’s not infallible when it comes to battle and if there are about to be Jedi introduced into the mix then it’s very likely that he could be outmatched very quickly. Even the great Jango Fett, who went toe to toe with Darth Vader in a Legends comic, couldn’t stand his ground for long since the Force and the amount of combat training that most disciplined Force users have undergone in the Star Wars franchise kind of outstrips even the toughest of Mandalorians. In fact the only thing that really stops the Jedi from taking the Mandalorians apart is a type of metal called cortosis that causes a lightsaber to short out for a short amount of time. That however is a part of Legends canon as well and possibly won’t be cherry-picked to give Mando an edge of any type. The upside of a meeting with the Jedi, as it’s bound to happen, is that it will be intriguing to see and very interesting when it comes to integrating them into the story given that the Mandalorian’s don’t trust them at all. Some people might be wondering why this is if only because they haven’t read the graphic novels that go into detail about this, so I’ll shed a little bit of light on the matter.

The long and short of it is that the Mandalorian-Jedi War was the main reason why these two factions can’t play nice. As the Mandalorians are among the only warrior races to ever give the Jedi so much trouble they were respected as enemies but still brought to heel eventually. Given that they were firmly set against the Old Republic, an entity that the Jedi were sworn to protect, they were deemed as enemies and were fought against continually. The difference between any other army and the Mandalorian’s however was that they built weapons specifically to hunt and kill Jedi after realizing what they could do. While the warrior race didn’t exactly understand the Force or how the Jedi used it, they knew combat and were well-versed on how to overcome just about any opponent. So it was that apart from the Sith, the Mandalorian’s eventually became one of the worst enemies the Jedi ever had, especially since they won just about as much as they lost in the beginning. But when the final outcome of the battle fell in the Jedi’s favor and their homeworld of Mandalore was destroyed, the fierce warrior nation had to scatter and find another place in the galaxy, and they harbored a serious resentment for the Jedi from that point on.

So that’s the reason why there’s such disdain between the Mandalorian’s and the Jedi, and there’s plenty of reason to think that this will be a part of the series moving forward, though whether it will come to light in season 2 is hard to say since it’s likely that Jon Favreau will think up a few other arcs he might like to explore. With that being said though it’s nice to think that this show will be around for a while to come.

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