Video Explores How Season 1 of The Mandalorian Should Have Ended

Video Explores How Season 1 of The Mandalorian Should Have Ended


It was bound to happen, that The Mandalorian would have a few holes poked in it to expose just why some points in the story don’t make a lot of sense. But that’s not bound to dim the love that a lot of people have for the show since it’s become one of the hottest shows on Disney+ and people have already been anticipating season 2 since the first season ended. The way it ended and the way things went though, it’s not too difficult to think that some folks would go ahead and find a handful of moments that didn’t make a lot of sense. But Din Djarin dying in any of them wasn’t bound to be in the cards since the titular character dying just isn’t workable at the moment, but giving him more than he can deal with is definitely a big part of why the show is so popular right now. Of course, it was pretty funny to see him pulling a Randy Quaid from Independence Day on the Jawa’s, if only because the pint-sized scavengers did give him a bit of trouble that wasn’t really needed. But anyone that’s been around Star Wars for long enough knows that the nature of a Jawa is to take anything they can that’s not bolted to the ground. Even then it’s likely that they might take it if they can find a way to get it on the transport.

But the rest of it is just hilarious since not only is it easy to understand why things didn’t happen in such a simple manner, but it’s expected since the story isn’t bound to be that ridiculous and a lot of things in the tale are being done at the moment and don’t offer up a lot of time for the characters to have a meaningful and entirely reasonable conversation that would leave everyone well-informed on what’s happening. Admittedly, there are a few things that would appeal to Star Wars fans since the lot of us would be able to recognize the hows and whys of the story, but those just coming into the story of The Mandalorian might be good and confused by now. The utter hatred that Mandalorians have for any and all Force-users is easy for Star Wars fans to understand, since the Jedi and the Mandalorians did fight one another in the past, and despite the fact that Mandalorians have ways to bring the Jedi down, they were still utterly defeated time and again until it became more prudent to avoid anyone that could use the Force than to actively fight against them. The warrior culture isn’t known for backing down from fights, but they’re also not known for being stupid, which would be the case when facing down more than one Jedi, since many of them are raised within the culture thinking that Force-users are the enemy.

So yes, it’s very ironic that Din has to seek out the Jedi, those that might be left, in order to deliver The Child, aka Baby Yoda, to those that might be able to raise him and teach him the ways of the Force. Barring that, he would need to find Baby Yoda’s race and hope that they would take him. Otherwise, it’s the two of them together, and this story does need to have an end at some point since otherwise, it would eventually stretch into the continuity of the most recent trilogy, and since there’s no mention of a Baby Yoda, it would mean that something happened to the pair, or that the objective was reached. Or it could mean that they’ve simply remained as incognito as possible, and if Din couldn’t find anyone to take the kid then it could mean that Baby Yoda’s fate could be up in the air. Season 2 is going to be seriously lit if any of the theories that have been flying around are bound to come true since the first season ended on such a high note that one can’t help but think that the trailer for the second season is just a small amount of what’s going to happen. It would be for the best since there was a lot that came in the first season that people weren’t fully prepared for considering that the episode with Bill Burr was a definite treat.

The clip above is definitely good for a laugh since it does point out a few fallacies that might have been easy to fix, but were left in because they felt more dramatic and pushed the story along a little more. One good thing about The Mandalorian, among the many, is that the story doesn’t need to make sense every step of the way, so long as it’s entertaining and is something the fans want to see. And obviously, the fans have spoken.

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