What Happened to the Cast of The Secret World of Alex Mack?

What Happened to the Cast of The Secret World of Alex Mack?

What Happened to the Cast of The Secret World of Alex Mack?

If you grew up during the 1990s, then there’s a good chance you remember the Nickelodeon series The Secret World of Alex Mack. The show centered around a teenage girl named Alex Mack (Larisa Oleynik) who, after coming in contact with a strange chemical, starts to develop special powers. Most notably, these powers allowed her to turn into a puddle of water and move under doors and other tight spaces. However, she was forced to keep these powers a secret. The series ran for four seasons from 1994 to 1998 and was a part of Nickelodeon’s famous Saturday Night Nickelodeon (SNICK) lineup. Although the show’s cast was made up of talented young stars, many of them faded from the spotlight in the years after the series. Continue reading to find out what happened to the cast of The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Larisa Oleynik as Barbara Mack

During the 1990s, Larisa Oleynik was one of the hottest young stars in the entertainment industry. From movies to TV shows, she was a frequent presence on screens throughout the decade. Although lots of child actors eventually fade into obscurity as they age, that hasn’t been the case for Larisa. She has been working consistently since her days of playing Alex Mack and she’s been a part of some popular projects including Hawaii Five-0 and Mad Men. She has also had a very successful voice acting career. Despite still being in the public eye, Larisa is very private when it comes to her personal life.

Darris Love as Ray Alvarado

When Darris Love was cast in The Secret World of Alex Mack, he was a young actor who was just getting into the entertainment industry. After the show ended in 1998, Darris wasn’t able to keep the momentum going. Although he has made several appearances since his portrayal of Ray Alvarado, the character continues to be his biggest role. Darris has an active presence on Instagram and he appears to be very passionate about social justice and philanthropy.

Meredith Bishop as Annie Mack

Meredith Bishop is another cast member whose career was just getting started when she was cast in The Secret World of Alex Mack. In the series, she played Alex’s older sister, Annie, who loves science and is one of the only people who knows about Alex’s powers. After the show ended, she continued to work sporadically although all of her roles were minor. In 2016, she got a significant opportunity when she was cast in the TV series Grip and Electric. Although that is currently her most recent TV role, she is currently working on an upcoming series. From what we can tell, she doesn’t have any verified social media accounts.

Michael Blakley as George Mack

Michael Blakley portrayed Alex’s father, George. He was a very smart scientist who worked for the company that was responsible for spilling the chemicals on Alex. However, he had no idea about the incident or her powers. Prior to his role in the series, Michael had been in the industry for nearly 20 years although Alex Mack was his first major TV opportunity. He has only made three on-screen appearances since the show ended, and they were all for minor roles. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any additional information on what he’s been up to in recent years.

Dorian Lopinto as Barbara Mack

In her role as Alex’s mother, Dorian Lopinto was more of a supporting character, but she was a memorable one none the less. Dorian started her career in the 1970s and made a name for herself as a cast member in the TV series The Doctors. After her work in The Secret World of Alex Mack, she has only had a few small roles here and there. Her last on screen appearance was in 2016. She doesn’t have any verified social media accounts so it’s tough to see what she’s up to outside of that.

Alexis Fields as Nicole Wilson

Alexis Fields comes from a family of talented actors. Her mother, Chip Fields, has had a successful acting career and so has her sister, Kim. During the 1990s, Alexis was a popular young actress who appeared in several of the decade’s popular sitcoms. Towards the late 1990s, however, things began to slow down for her. Although she is still acting, it’s been several years since she’s had a major role.

Benjamin Kimball Smith as Louis Driscoll

Benjamin Kimball joined the cast during season two and his character, Louis, became a part of Alex’s friend group. His role in The Secret Life of Alex Mack was Benjamin’s big break and it continues to be his most significant acting role. He appeared in a few things after the show, but his most recent on-screen appearance was in 2010 in a movie called The Road to Margaritaville.

Natanya Ross as Robyn Russo

Natanya Ross was just a kid when she started her acting career in the late 1980s. Before The Secret World of Alex Mack, her biggest role was in a TV series called Billy. Since 1998, she has only made four on-screen appearances with the most recent being in a 2016 episode of the TV series Dead of Night. She is very active on Instagram and appears to be doing well.

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