Whatever Happened to Devon Sawa?

Whatever Happened to Devon Sawa?

Whatever Happened to Devon Sawa?

Back in the 90s, Devon Sawa was just getting to be popular when he was a kid, as he started out in TV commercials and went into his debut in the movie Little Giants. To a lot of people, he looked like a star in the making since he was the type of kid that many could see going far since he could play the protagonist or the antagonist in equal measures and didn’t really come off as unrealistic. Much like many kid actors, he did manage to feel a little over the top with his acting at times, but he was still one of the more promising young names that were available back in the 90s that appeared to be on the fast track to a great career. But then of course things happened and he grew up, and it became a little more obvious that he might have been someone that had the look when he was younger but was losing it quickly as he grew up. Instead of sticking with blockbusters, he opted for indie fame, and for a while, this worked out.

The movie Idle Hands was one that a lot of people probably watched back in the day since it kind of personified the slacker mentality as Sawa played Anton, while Seth Green and Eldon Hensen played his stoner buddies that had little to no ambition. Jessica Alba even played his love interest and Vivica A. Fox was a demon hunter that was after the possessing spirit that eventually found its way into Anton’s hand, forcing him to commit acts that he had no memory of, such as killing his parents and setting them up as Halloween decorations. The movie was pretty silly but it was still enough fun to watch since Anton’s possessed hand went nuts and killed his friends, cursing them to become undead and remain that way until the spirit was stopped or otherwise destroyed.

One movie that definitely put him on the map since it started a series that likely should have ended earlier and should not be rebooted was Final Destination. The whole premise revolved around the ability of one individual who accidentally saw Death’s plan and escaped along with several others before the plane carrying their entire class could explode in midair. The premonition also brought enough attention down on Alex, played by Sawa, from the FBI, who want to know how he knew that the plane was going to explode. Sometime after that the survivors that did leave the plane start to die off under strange circumstances that are seen as either suicide or happenstance since Alex’s best friend Todd apparently hangs himself in the shower after slipping on a tile floor and having a clothesline wrap around his throat, while the teacher that left the plane is subjected to a horrific sequence of events that leads to her death. Another student has the top half of his head sliced off, while another is struck by a bus when she unwittingly walks into the road. One of the best parts of this movie was when Tony Todd showed up as a mortician and told Alex and another survivor, Clear, that Death was setting things right since its plan had been disrupted.

From that point on Devon has been keeping busy it would appear from the looks of his IMDb page. He even showed up in an Eminem video titled Stan as a crazed fan that adored the rapper. But from that point on it’s been evident that he’s been here and there and kind of bound to show up in a lot of movies that people may or may not have heard of. In 2020 he showed up in a couple of movies, one of them titled Hunter Hunter, a story about a fur trapper and his family living out in the wild who one day come to realize that their kills are being mauled by what appears to be a wolf. When the father, played by Sawa, goes out to check and doesn’t come back one day the mother and daughter are left on their own until a wounded stranger finds their home and is obviously in need of help. Unfortunately, the stranger turns out to be a killer that has already killed the husband and is about to kill the wife when she slaps a bear trap over his face and then skins him alive.

Sawa’s career hasn’t gone down the tubes at least, since he’s still around, but it’s kind of obvious that he’s not the big name he used to be when he was younger. Whatever a person thinks about him, he’s still a decent actor and could possibly make a return to the spotlight again if he wanted. But for now, it looks as though he’s happy where he’s at.Devon Sawa

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