A Final Destination 6 is Coming: Is there Even a Final Destination?

A Final Destination 6 is Coming: Is there Even a Final Destination?

A Final Destination 6 is Coming:  Is there Even a Final Destination?

With so many ways to die it feels as though there really isn’t a final Final Destination given the idea that there are literally millions of ways that a person can check out, from many different perspectives. But it does sound as though a Final Destination 6 could possibly take off from the expected track and try something different, but so far we’re not being told what that is, other than it’s not a reboot, but is going to happen in a different universe. There are so many ‘go-to’s’ at this point in Hollywood that this has become another, meaning if it’s not working, switch the universe, if it’s still not working, reboot, if it’s still not working, keep pushing until people continue to like it. That’s not much of a problem with the Final Destination movies since they do have a fanbase that have come to love the stories even if they tend to meld together and get confused at times seeing as how there have been so many ‘accidental’ deaths that happen in each new chapter. Wouldn’t someone start putting two and two together at some point and think that there’s more to the story than just a coincidence that keeps occurring? In some movies, it’s acceptable for people to be this clueless since, without a fourth wall break that might make it clear that they know what’s happening, some characters just shouldn’t know that something is coming. But when it comes to Final Destination one has to wonder just when the characters get to wake up finally and realize that something truly messed-up is happening in their world, and believing it isn’t the worst possible thing.

We’ve seen some truly gruesome death scenes over the years when it comes to Final Destination and we’ve been given the point, that death is coming for everyone and no matter what is done, no matter how many loopholes are found or how careful one is, it’s bound to get every last person at some point. There’s a time to pay service to the fans and then there’s a time to hang it up and let the fans enjoy what’s been given, and at this point, the movies are kind of spinning their wheels no matter if the idea is about to change. The death scenes will still be gruesome, the story won’t change as much as people are thinking, and the end result is going to be that unless a filmmaker is willing to find someone to personify death, it’s not likely that the whole point of the movie will be any different. But giving people what they want is apparently the name of the game in this situation since people want the gore, they want the hard and gruesome reminders that Death will have its due, and strangely enough in the current pandemic, this isn’t seen as something that’s overly negative or even that shocking. Maybe it’s because the shock and awe that the movies have brought about have been weathered enough by the fans that they’re simply numb to it, or perhaps it’s that there are so many other things going on in the world at this point that a little movie gore doesn’t faze anyone the same way it used to.

Each movie as of now has offered up a great number of cliches and portents and in-depth wisdom concerning death and all that it can and will do to establish the pattern that it follows, but one thing that is continually missing is the common sense that people refuse to exhibit when strange things start happening around them. The first movie made this pretty apparent since the kid that made the prediction, or the loud and fright-inducing announcement, that the plane was going to crash kicked it off. And yet as the movie came full circle and the guy that had already seen death’s design in part 5 and knew better than to ignore the warnings didn’t get off the plane. If you’d seen enough weird stuff to make it known that death was actively trying to kill you and all those around you, wouldn’t it be best to err on the side of caution in order to enjoy even a few more moments of life? This is why Final Destination needs to reach the final stop at some point since the continual loops that will be experienced with these movies are proving to be entertaining for a lot of people, but to others, it’s about as entertaining as staring at a hypnosis spiral for more than a minute. Eventually, you realize it’s all an illusion and nothing is really going anywhere. Oh wait, that’s not entirely true, your patience might be running out, so it’s definitely going somewhere, just nowhere useful. In short, unless it’s leading to some new revelation about death and what can be done to avoid it, good luck with that, then Final Destination really needs to hit the emergency brake at some point.

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