Watch Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter impersonating Rocky Balboa

Watch Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter impersonating Rocky Balboa

Watch Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter impersonating Rocky Balboa

You’ve seen Anthony Hopkins do some great things in his career. Every role he’s been in has been top notch, well, barring a few, and for the most part he’s always been spot on with his lines. But hearing him try to emulate Rocky Balboa is just, well, yikes.

Every film is bound to have a few bloopers here and there, and the best ones are those that you can laugh at. You wouldn’t think that a film such as The Silence of the Lambs would have a blooper reel, but it does. Imagining someone that can perform the role of Hannibal Lecter trying to sound like Rocky is just enough to make you roll your eyes and crack a grin, but that’s not even the extent of the bloopers.

Actors tend to forget their lines at times, or have trouble with the props, or even give the wrong signals during the scene. What else can you do but laugh it off? Getting mad doesn’t seem to work though it’s happened a time or two with some directors, so laughter is perhaps the best way to really get through such moments.

On the set it would even seem as though a laugh here and there could ease the tension that such a movie as this might bring. Getting people to crack up could one of two ways. It could completely distract you from what you’re supposed to be doing, which isn’t good and can waste a lot of time and film. Or it can create a moment in which all the tension just drains out of the room and people can enjoy a good chuckle with one another before going back to their mark to reset. In any case a good gag in the midst of a movie can be a fun and engaging time that can help to melt off a lot of the seriousness of a movie.

The Silence of the Lambs was a great movie and the actors were on point and entertaining. If anyone had known that these type of blooper reels existed though the serious nature of the film might have been seriously impacted years ago. A lot of purists don’t want to believe that a film that was this disturbing and this horrific was anything but a serious and extremely professional production. For the rest of us it’s kind of a relief to know that the actors didn’t always take things so seriously and that Anthony Hopkins, the guy that was the most dangerous person in the film, could actually crack a smile without scaring the living daylights out of a person.

It’s great seeing actors having fun with their films. It gives people a sense that it’s not all work, that sometimes it can be play too. Slip ups happen and people go right back to their mark after a good chuckle to prepare to do it again. If you have a case of the giggles it can definitely make for a long day I would imagine, but it still relieves a lot of tension now and again.



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