The 5 Coolest Rolls Royce Models from Movies

The 5 Coolest Rolls Royce Models from Movies

The Rolls Royce is a classic car, a thing of beauty, and obviously fit to place multiple times in films in all of its glory. You’ll likely see many upon many models of this elegant car within films and TV alike that will leave you just a bit envious of those that can afford such quality engineering and design.  Simply riding in one is a privilege of the rich that many of us might wish to have at least once in our lives. Just standing next to one is enough for some people at times, but these actors have actually gotten to ride in them, and no doubt purchase at least one if not several of their own in their lifetime.

Here are just a few instances in which the Rolls Royce has been showcased as one of the more magnificent props in a film.

5. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I – Lord of War

The tragedy of the Rolls Royce in this film is that not only does Yuri’s uncle get killed, but the car is blown to bits as well. That seems almost an insult to the fine engineering that went into such a car. But in truth if one is attempting  to upstage an experienced gunrunner then they must expect at least a little collateral damage along the way. After all the one thing that gunrunners won’t ever be likely to run out of is ammunition.

4. 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom – Iron Man

It’s Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, so of course he has nice cars at his disposal. When you have money that you don’t even know about rolling in on a continual basis it’s easy to see why you’d want nothing but the best. The sad part is that the car in this film gets literally chopped to pieces by the main bad guy for no other reason than to get to Tony Stark.  It might actually make a few car lovers cry to see this beautiful ride get sliced and diced by Ivan Vanko.

3. 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

You can’t really argue with a classic until it comes to the need for acceleration that just wasn’t possible in the 1930’s and thus wasn’t a part of the design. While the car makes a brief appearance as Balthazar’s favored ride it eventually finds itself being changed into something sleeker, less profile, and with a whole lot more power under the hood. It was a nice representation while it lasted, but the new era needs something with a little more kick.

2. Rolls Royce Corniche – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

You can’t really see much of the car in the trailer, but it’s an absolute beauty. And it’s a car that is fit for a gentleman, or at least for a scoundrel attempting to pass himself off as a gentleman. When one needs to cruise around in style and present themselves in a certain manner it’s necessary to look the part, and a Rolls Royce is just the type car to do it in.

1. 1986 Rolls Royce Camargue – Last Action Hero

Image result for last action hero rolls royce

Gangsters seem to have the nicest cars. And why not? They certainly don’t want to be rolling around in a Ford Pinto or a Dodge Caravan if they can avoid it. When you’re someone important it’s always recommended to ride in style. I did attempt to find a video for this, but it was almost impossible to find and this picture offers the best view of the car I could find.

When you’re trying to impress with a film, a nice car is always one good idea to hold to. Nothing says class quite like a sleek, classy ride, and the Rolls Royce is one of the best.

Try to get video for each.


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