Veep 3.04 Review: “Fishing”


I have to start at the end and work my way back to the beginning.  This episode has, by far, the best ending of any episode of this series.  It’s a long set up involving a drunken Gary and Mike and his problems with IVF and an unwitting Jonah in an apron.  And the results are comedy gold.  Veep, you’ve outdone yourself.

This episode also concludes the futile battle for campaign manager, with Dan coming ahead by default.  Amy, whose only tactic was catering a dinner at her home, was no match for the ruthlessness of Erickson and Dan who seemed to need the job more than life itself.  Amy thought that merit alone would get her the coveted role but that only proves how much she doesn’t understand DC.  In the end, Dan wins by bribing Sue to get information about Selina’s lunch location.  So Dan gets the job but in the process decides to confide in the Veep that he killed a stray dog because other kids dared him too.  Selina looks visibly repulsed at the admission but at least she can rest easy that he’s also very attracted to older women.

And speaking of ruthless staff members, Gary breaks the nice guy facade by ratting out Mike for the mysteries in his oversized lunch cooler.  Selina had literally been sniffing around to see what was happening with his shoulder and in a moment of weakness he threw Mike under the bus.  Given how Selina was quick to get rid of Gary on the advice of Erickson, it’s sad to see Gary grovel for his job.  I’m sure there will be more to come from this storyline as Gary’s only true duties involve carrying bags and as far as I know, there still isn’t a surgery to give you a new shoulder.  In the meantime, the audience would totally appreciate if the continued to solution to his pain problem is excessive boiler makers.

This episode leaves us with more uncertainty about how the Selina campaign will fair.  Thornhill has put his hat in the already crowded ring with Chung and Maddox.  If Selina has any chances of winning it will be by complete accident and not be the strength of her rag tag team.

Bulleted observations:

-You need three microwaves for tapas?

-Never correct Selina for ordering chamomile when she wanted peppermint.

– Best motivating line of the week goes to Kent: “You are going to change America in a way usually only war or fluoride can.”

– Best insult goes to Maddox on the power of the Veep: “You exercise this power very discreetly I must say.”

– Selina and Dan are definitely going to have a fling, right?

– Sue has an unusually gift for smelling men.

– I hope we get more of Erickson in future episodes because “he’s Amy without the conscience and Dan without the 5% that needs to be loved.”

– Gary is a Prosecco man.

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