Author: Jenni Wright

Jenni Wright was born in the worst weather possible in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles for sunshine and wine. You can find Jenni's work at

Veep 3.08 Review: “Debate”

This episode of Veep reminds us that Selina Meyer’s team isn’t the only disaster on Capitol Hill.  I had grown so used to the ineptitude of Gary,

Veep 3.06 Review: “Detroit”

Veep brings us so many things: the pranks on Jonah, the wit of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the comeback of Christopher Meloni.  I loved Meloni on Law & Order

Veep 3.04 Review: “Fishing”

I have to start at the end and work my way back to the beginning.  This episode has, by far, the best ending of any episode of this series.  It’s a lo

Veep 3.04 Review: “Clovis”

It seems that HBO is hell bent on ridiculing Silicon Valley this year.  Veep is adding to the pile with tonight’s episode set at the Clovis headquarter

Veep 3.03 Review: “Alicia”

This episode of Veep dares to dream what would happen if a local activist collided with the self-serving, issue-avoiding Veep team.  And it’s magic.  

Veep 3.02 Review: “The Choice”

Veep enters the strange political world of pregnancy termination on tonight’s episode.  The President makes a flip flop statement about his pro-choice

Nashville 2.19 Review: “Crazy”

The title refers to the infamous Patsy Cline song “Crazy” about love and desire.  This episode of Nashville, however, is about our beloved musicians teet

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