Veep 3.06 Review: “Detroit”

Veep 3.06 Review: “Detroit”


Veep brings us so many things: the pranks on Jonah, the wit of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the comeback of Christopher Meloni.  I loved Meloni on Law & Order: SVU and Oz and haven’t seen his lovely face in quite some time.  He appears on Veep’s campaign trail as the personal trainer and wellness guru Ray.  The whole office is smitten with him, except for Amy prefers to feel like a rubber band that’s going to snap.  Selina confides to Amy that she’s been sleeping with Ray.  Amy, glad that the Veep considers her a friend, says that she’ll find a way to get rid of him. But the Veep quickly corrects her; she doesn’t want Ray to go away until the end of the campaign trail.

The Ray interactions don’t go south until Andrew enters into the picture.  He arrives right when Selina needs the least amount of distraction.  Andrew tries to warn Selina about the Turville jobs but she blows him off because he’s wearing an ugly tie and she’s already Ray-occupied.  Gary and Amy appear smug that they’ve figured out the Veep’s secrets until Dan admits he brought Ray on to keep Selina away from Andrew.  Dan proves once again that even though he’s a high strung Chihuahua, he’s ten steps ahead of Amy.

Selina encounters Minna from Finland on the campaign trail and they have a lost in translation talk about the second amendment.  Jonah tries to hit on Minna and gleans what Selina has said about the right to bear arms.  It’s not clear if Jonah is still using the defunct Ryantology to get the word out to the press (I really hope he is).  He doesn’t make any mention of the prank the staff pulled on him last week so I’m guessing there weren’t able to go through with throwing the contents of Mike’s cooler.

Selina also botches a photo op with Maddox, who uses her walking out the door as an opportunity to appear dominant.  The team is surprised to learn this was the brain child of Jonah, who has a burrito induced vendetta against them.

In the end the Veep team takes a big hit when Selina is forced to announce the 7,000 jobs in Detroit despite the warning from Andrew that the company would be going under.  Andrew consoles Selina that technically she won’t have lived about adding those jobs for another 6 months.  That throwaway comment and a nicer tie grant Andrew a private audience with the Vice President.  All insanity is restored again.


Bulleted observations:

-MTV is apparently done, because Catherine says so.

-“The Finish Wolf” reminded me of “Wolf of Wall Street” and I don’t think that’s the comparison that Minna wanted for her book.

– Insult of the week goes to Minna who purchased ear plugs to block out the noise from Selina’s room: “Not every country likes to eavesdrop.”

– Dan gives the best worst advice to Selina: ““you need to be conservative and liberal.”

– Sue and Kent should really start their own consulting company.

– I had forgotten that Gary’s other main duty is whispering into Selina’s ear.

– Catherine is a celebrity after punching the statue of liberty in the face.

[Photo via HBO]

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