Veep’s Hilarious Take on Silicon Valley: A Seasoned Writer’s Perspective

Veep’s Hilarious Take on Silicon Valley: A Seasoned Writer’s Perspective


HBO seems to have a penchant for poking fun at Silicon Valley, and Veep is no exception. In an episode set at the Clovis headquarters, we see Madam Vice President Selina Meyers on her campaign trail, making a stop in Palo Alto to mingle with Stanford’s computer science geeks. As she exclaims her love for Silicon Valley, Selina is reminded of what DC must have been like under Jefferson. However, her enthusiasm is short-lived as she faces the challenges of the press line.

Veep Takes on Silicon Valley: A Fresh Perspective

During her visit, Selina encounters Cassie, a young mother who campaigned for her and questions her stance on the environment. Caught off guard, Selina struggles to reassure Cassie of her commitment to environmental issues. As the team regroups, Kent warns Selina of the potential damage caused by alienating women in their 30s. It becomes increasingly clear that Selina and her team are out of their depth in Silicon Valley.

Meanwhile, back in DC, Dan is reeling from the latest Jonah video on Ryantology. Jonah capitalizes on the Cassie/fracking debacle with a Jib Jab-style cartoon video, proving that a burrito to the face wasn’t enough to deter him from making a mockery of Selina. Dan and Ben later discuss the situation over drinks, giving Dan the opportunity to pitch himself as campaign manager. Ben, more interested in his beverage than office politics, shares intel about Chung’s possible connection to torture in Iraq. Dan seizes the opportunity to undermine Chung and boost Selina’s standing in the race by leaking the information to Jonah during a poker game. Jonah’s eagerness to publish half-truths and innuendos is a sad reflection of the current state of journalism.

Veep’s Hilarious Take on Tech Giants

On the campaign trail, Selina and her team visit a Google-esque Clovis Campus, where they are greeted by a line of software engineers holding tablets. Mike, ever the pessimist, remarks on the fleeting nature of their success. Selina finds herself out of her element as casually dressed employees zip past her on scooters. She struggles to pronounce the Clovis CEO’s name and is irked when asked to wait for him – a surprising reaction considering her usual position in the political pecking order.

However, the Veep team gets the last laugh when Clovis CEO Craig introduces Selina to their latest product, the smarch. When Selina asks the smarch to display her campaign website, she is instead bombarded with parody websites and adult content. Selina’s team requests that Craig remove the parody sites, but he refuses, claiming he’s not into politics. He then grills Selina on the repatriation tax. When Gary mentions Jonah’s website, Craig and his finance guru quickly offer Jonah $4 million. Mike laments not joining Ryantology when he had the chance, despite the prospect of being ‘handcuffed to a prick.’

Veep’s Commentary on the State of Affairs

At the Clovis town hall, Selina addresses the viral Danny Chung torture issue. As she denies any connection between Chung and torture, the wordle graphic behind her grows larger, inadvertently linking the two. In a twist of fate, Clovis withdraws their offer to Jonah, leaving him back at square one.

Throughout the episode, Veep offers a humorous and insightful look at the world of Silicon Valley and the tech industry. From Selina’s love for the California sun to Gary’s struggle with carrying the bag, the show captures the essence of the Bay Area’s tech scene. The episode also highlights the sad truth about the job market in the tech industry, where people prioritize working for prestigious companies over making money. As Amy is taken aback by the salary offered by Clovis, we can’t help but wonder if Jonah is the type of person who would be clamoring to work for a company like Clovis. And, of course, who can forget the surprise appearance of Rupert Grint from Harry Potter at the next Clovis town hall?

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