Veep 3.02 Review: “The Choice”

Veep 3.02 Review: “The Choice”


Veep enters the strange political world of pregnancy termination on tonight’s episode.  The President makes a flip flop statement about his pro-choice stance (now opening himself up to the awful nickname Protus).  Selina, who is starting her pre-presidential campaign, is forced to comment.  This is when her team of suck-ups and political climbers is at its best.  Selina, who wants to make sure that no one identifies her as a woman, wants to take the stance that will win her the most votes.

Gary, who decides he wants to be more than a bagman, tries to push himself into the Veep policy discussion.  And unfortunately his love of Selina does not equal his knowledge of the political process.  He suggests that Selina should announce her desire to run for President now. Dan, ever the gentleman, quips “that’s like trying to bang the widow at the funeral.”  Gary does gain some points when he brings fruit to show the size of a baby at every trimester.  The show gets some of the biggest laughs as visitors to the Vice President office unknowingly eat the fruit babies.  Selina rewards Gary’s contribution by asking him to keep the Planned Parenthood representative hidden as Selina meets with pro-life guests.  Gary cracks almost immediately when the Planned Parenthood rep asks if they’re hiding.  Gary locks himself in a supply closet and yells at a can of carrots, “You can do this.”

Elsewhere in the beltway, Jonah shows up to Mike and Wendy’s front door in an oversized Aztec sweater like a lost homeless puppy.  He asks Mike if he wants to join his new organization, Ryantology where Jonah will spew dirt about DC on Youtube. Mike, who understands that hurricane Jonah will destroy anything in its path, declines.   Jonah gets a tip that Selina will be doing the Good Morning America and dubs it the “state of the uterus address.”  Jonah is a liability for the Veep staff due to his oversized ego and blind ignorance.  Jonah’s internet videos attract the attention of MSNBC who ask him to attend their morning show (and offer to send a car).  Dan, who is doing his own campaigning for the campaign manager slot, decides to take the Jonah matter into his own hands.  If you never feared a man shoving a burrito in your mouth, you will now.  Dan assaults Jonah with his own Mexican food and shouts, “If you say anything on air about the Veep I will break your legs so severely you will end up normal height.” The scare tactic works because Jonah freezes on air.  The episode ends with Gary taking care of Selina through baked goods.  Selina, noticing how useful he is says, “You are always going to be my body man, especially when I’m president.”

Bulleted observations:

–       Selina’s a Survivor fan.

–       Best Jonah insult of the episode goes to Selina who calls him an “unstable piece of human scaffolding.”

–       Richard is my new favorite character, “I’m going to follow you around wherever you go. I’m going to be like a Disney animal.”

–       Dan, for all of his strengths, is easily taken down by sea sickness.

–       Jonah high fives himself.  Color me impressed.

–       Does Kent really like Sue or is she just full of herself?

–       Favorite gag of the episode: the Cardinal walking into the Veep office to see the white board of termination dates.

[Photo via Paul Schiraldi/HBO]

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