The Kids in the Hall is Getting a Revival on Amazon

Just in case you don’t recall, Kids in the Hall was an amusing and in many ways hilarious sketch comedy show that debuted in the late 80s and ended its run in 1995 after just over 100 episodes. While it never appeared to gain the same notoriety as Saturday Night Live it was still well-known to many people and had a rather large fan base. As Ryan Scott of TVWeb announces however the original cast are set to make another run at greatness on Amazon, though we don’t know as of yet just when that will occur. One thing is pretty clear though, they’ll be up against some rather stiff competition since after being off the air for so long things have changed quite a bit and it’s more than a little obvious that even comedy has changed in a few different ways. Seeing as how it sounds as though they’re going back to their old sketches for new material though it could be that people will be interested in tuning in largely for nostalgia and possibly to see if the guys still have what it takes to entertain. Back in the day these guys were absolutely hilarious since their style of humor was fairly broad and their ability to come with new characters and innovative sketches was a big part of why they were so popular.

After the show a few of them managed to show up in other areas of pop culture as Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley were possibly the most prolific of the group seeing as how Kevin showed up in Galaxy Quest, National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, and several other small roles throughout his career. Dave Foley actually starred in the comedy titled Dick that was loosely based on Richard Nixon and the Watergate conspiracy, and also starred in a couple of Brendan Fraser movies such as Blast from the Past and Monkeybone. Scott Thompson has actually shown up in the program American Gods for a short stint and has been pretty busy since the show, even appearing as a guest voice on The Simpsons several times. Bruce McCulloch hasn’t done a whole lot since the show but he has in recent years found his way into the role of a producer for a sketch comedy project titled TallBoyz, while Mark McKinney has stayed pretty busy and is currently starring in a show called Superstore. So to be fair they’re not likely to be rusty when it comes to being in front of the camera as every one of them has been somewhat busy in the years following the show, though it’s going to be interesting to see if they can switch gears and come back to the material that helped to continue their upward climb to fame so long ago.

For all intents and purposes it feels likely that this won’t be much of an issue since after watching a few of them throughout the years such characters that they created on the show shouldn’t be much of a stretch to fall back into if only because the guys really do have an amazing range when it comes to comedy. Some folks might look at each one of them and declare that they’re a bunch of oddballs, but really that’s what makes them work so well. If they were completely normal they might not be all that funny. Comedy is after all something that is very subjective given that what some people find hilarious others might find crude, not at all amusing, and even a bit crude. Of course the same could be said of any sketch show from a different perspective. The Kids in the Hall was definitely strange in some regards but all one has to do is watch old episodes to figure out that there are oddities and there are honest to goodness funny bits that hold up to just about any perspective. Come on, if David Pumpkins from SNL can get laughs then The Kids in the Hall should be leaving people with tears trickling down their cheeks from laughing so hard. A good number of their sketches have the guys dressing up in drag and to be real about it this just works as they play it up so well that one can’t help but laugh aloud once they get going. Their sense of humor and their ability to deliver on the funny bits is something that a lot of fans appreciate and are no doubt hoping will be what they see when the show returns.

Nostalgia is playing a big part in pop culture at this time as it’s kind of obvious from the shows that are being remade, rebooted, and those that are being brought back. All that one can hope for is that we’ll get the same quality we were used to back in the day, or something even better.

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