Val Kilmer Age and Other Information

Val Kilmer Age and Other Information
Val Kilmer Tom Cruise Top Gun

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Val Kilmer has long been associated with some of the greatest films and projects ever, from serious to comedy and back, such as his most recent role in “Top Gun: Maverick,” which was a follow-up to his original role in the first film. From his breakthrough role as Jim Morrison in “The Doors” biopic, Val Kilmer has been not only a sought-after actor for projects but also a very particular type of character that most others haven’t nailed in such a way as Val Kilmer. Below, we’ve detailed some of the life of Val Kilmer, such as the actor’s age, health, and some of his most significant roles.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer may have only started acting in films in 1984 with “Top Secret!” the actor was in “Top Gun” with just his third film appearance, which became one of the most monumental films the actor has ever been a part of. Overall, the actor has faced congress on health bills, released music albums inspired by a specific actor’s role, graced Broadway, wrote a memoir, an autobiographical documentary about his life, battling cancer, and so much more that has made the actor a household name and favorite among some. Throughout Val Kilmer’s life, and regardless of age, the actor has continued to impress. From his breakout roles to voiceover work in “Planes” and even his most recent appearance in “Top Gun: Maverick,” Kilmer has gathered more skills and has continued to use them regardless of his health struggles.

Val Kilmer Age and Other Information

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Val Kilmer: Advent Musician

As noted in Val Kilmer’s role as Jim Morrison, one of many musicians to have died at the age of 27, the actor had a love for music throughout his entire life. Outside of his early role in which he played Jim Morrison, a famous rock and roll star, Kilmer also played the role of a rock and roll star in “Top Secret!” in which he sang all of the vocals for the movie. Beyond The Doors and his role in “Top Secret!” Val Kilmer also released an album with percussionist Mick Rossi called “Sessions with Mick.” Age has never been a factor to Val Kilmer as the actor has been a true rock and roll star with every project he has taken on.

Val Kilmer Age and Other Information

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Turned Down Films

Val Kilmer turned down roles in films that led to actors gaining much fame after, such as “The Outsiders” and “The Matrix.” Originally, Val Kilmer was designated to star as Neo in “The Matrix.” Still, among a gender swap possible before the movie’s filming, Sanda Bullock was offered Neo, and Val Kilmer was offered Morpheus, to which he turned down both roles. Although the actor turned down such significant roles, even at 62, Val Kilmer hasn’t halted his career due to turning down such roles.

Batman Forever Robin

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Val Kilmer and Batman

One role in which age should be no factor came the way of Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne/Batman after the actor replaced Michael Keaton, and Bob Kane, creator of Batman, stated that he thought Kilmer “was capable of great depth and sensitivity. He has a complexity and intelligence that is interesting to watch,” and cementing Val Kilmer as his personal favorite Batman. The age of Batman may have come and gone several times since Val Kilmer starred as the character. Still, even with mixed reviews, before “The Dark Knight” trilogy was released, Val Kilmer’s role in “Batman Forever” was the most monumental from the DC Comics’ flagship character.

Val Kilmer Age and Other Information

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Val Kilmer Health

While viewers of “Top Gun: Maverick” that isn’t well versed in the world of Val Kilmer may have been surprised by his awkward role in the new film, the actor, much like his character Ice, has throat cancer. Val Kilmer’s struggles with his health may not be reflected by his age, as the actor announced his throat cancer in 2015, a somewhat young age for a throat cancer diagnosis for Kilmer. Val Kilmer has had to use the help of an electric voice box to speak that he must bring to his trachea to use and speak.

Val Kilmer Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Re-created His Voice

Due to the various complications that Val Kilmer faced, from his health status and forced use of a feeding tube, the actor partnered with Sonantic, a London-based software company that used AI to re-create the actor’s voice. Overall, the company, with the help of Val Kilmer and previous uses of his voice, created over 40 voices for the actor to use as his own, which was mastered for use in “Top Gun: Maverick.” Although “Top Gun: Maverick” was the only role that Val Kilmer has had since his throat surgeries took his voice, the friendship between Tom Cruise gathered Val Kilmer to the set for the final appearance of the character in the franchise.

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