10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christian Plourde

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christian Plourde

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christian Plourde

TikTok is a place that brings about a lot of interest. It’s a place where people go to post videos, sing along to songs, dance, and do much more, and it’s become a place where content creators are born. When the man by the name of Christian Plourde first began posting on TikTok, he had no idea just how famous he would become or what his life would turn into, yet here he is. He’s a social media influencer, a TikTok star, and he is a musician. His life is being lived differently now that he’s found this kind of fame, and we cannot wait to share what we’ve learned about him with you right here.

1. He is a Basketball Player

Many people know him as a social media presence, but he’s a bit more. Growing up, he was a basketball player in high school. He was skilled enough on the court to make sure he also landed the role of team captain at his prep school. You don’t earn that title without putting in the hard work and the positive role model-like personality that a true leader has.

2. He is Studying Business Management

As a college student at Endicott College, he’s working diligently to make sure that he is studying hard. He is working on a business management degree as well as learning as much about marketing as possible. His goal is to help his online business grow, and both of these areas of study will only benefit him in that capacity.

3. He Considers Himself a Leader

As a leader, he is able to do things that many people are afraid of doing, such as taking control and taking the lead. He’s a man who likes to take control, and he considers himself a natural leader who is capable of working well with others on his team whether that’s in school, in sports, or in life.

4. He Hopes to Make a Positive Impact

Many people want to make an impact. He hopes that his online presence and the way he is living his own life will one day allow him to do the same. His idea is to be a positive influence in the world, to make a positive impact on those who follow along, and to change the world in his own way.

5. He is Young

He was born as the new millennium arrived. His date of birth is December 27, 2000. He only just turned 21, and it’s been a big year for him in that aspect. He was born two days after Christmas, which means that time of year is as busy as possible for both him and his family.

6. He’s from the East Coast

Growing up in Boston meant that he probably developed a slight accent, but he also knows what it’s like to have some of the most beautiful seasons around. He got all four of them as a child, and that is a cool experience. His life was spent there with his family, and he has fond memories.

7. He is a Twin

Did you know that he is a twin brother? His name is Will. We cannot find any confirmation that they are identical, but it seems that they bear a striking resemblance to one another, so identical would be our guess. However, they both have their own style and their own sense of fashion, so it makes it difficult to tell.

8. He is in a Relationship

He’s in a relationship with another online personality. Her name is Madison Lewis, but she goes by Mads. The couple met when she was 18 and he was 20 and they were living together in a content creation house in Los Angeles. She had a boyfriend, but she thought he was cute, started flirting, and that was that.

9. His Girlfriend Speaks Highly of Him

When Mads Lewis speaks of him, she is very complimentary. She calls him a gentleman. She calls him a kind man, and she also calls him a man. She said there is no immaturity or silly behavior, and her current relationship with him is nothing like her last one that was filled with toxic traits.

10. He’s a Musician

In additional to being a social media star, he is also a musician who has released music. His first single is called “I’m Alright,” back in July 2021. He goes by the name Sevryn publicly, and it’s the stage name he uses on Instagram, too.

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