10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katelyn Ohashi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katelyn Ohashi

When Katelyn Ohashi was born, she didn’t know she’d go on to become a household name, a role model, and a woman who the world looks up to at the tender age of only 25. Her family knew she’d be someone wonderful, but they couldn’t have predicted this for her. Before we get to know her a little better, we want to mention that she was awarded a perfect 10 for her 2019 Collegiate Challenge on the floor – which never happens. Oh, wait, it does happen for Ohashi. That was her fourth perfect 10 score as a gymnast. She’s a talented gymnast, and it is time we all get to know her better.

1. She is Young

She’s so talented that it is almost easy to forget how young she is. She was born on April 12, 1997. This means she only just turned 25, and that makes her so young. Because of her career and her talent, she has been someone whose name is well-known for so long it almost makes us forget that she began when she was so young.

2. She is From the Pacific Northwest

She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is that area of the country known for its beauty and its natural wonders, it’s also known for its gray, gloomy days and its rain. She was born in Seattle, which is located in Washington, but she did not live there her entire childhood.

3. She is a Texan

Believe it or not, she is a Texan at heart. When she left the Pac Northwest, her family made their move across the country and ended up making some detours, but they ultimately ended up in Plano, Texas. She went to school there, and she graduated high school in the area.

4. She is a College Athlete

When she was done with high school, she knew she wanted to head back to the West Coast. This time, however, she headed to the south west coast. She landed in the Los Angeles area, and she was a college student and athlete at the University of California, Los Angeles. You know this educational facility as UCLA. She was a gymnast while in school.

5. She is the Baby of the Family

We did mention that her mother and father had four kids, but we did not mention she is the baby. In fact, she is the only girl, too. She has three older brothers, and that means she was likely extra spoiled growing up with all those boys both picking on her and taking care of her being the baby and the only sister.

6. Her Family Split

Sadly, her family did go their separate ways. We aren’t sure what happened, but her mother took her and her youngest older brother and moved them to Missouri. They spent a few years there before moving to Plano. We believe that the move was made to help her with her gymnastics trainings – her mother was also a gymnast and knew the demands if she was going to make her daughter great.

7. She’s Always been a Gymnast

She was only three when she began. It’s not a surprise that her mother signed her up for this being a former gymnast herself. However, they likely did not know at the time just how good she would be or just how far this would take her in life.

8. She Struggles with Body Issues

Growing up, she’s been body shamed more than a few times. Why? We don’t know. She’s an athlete and a major talent, and body shaming someone who trains and uses their body to do the things that she does seems almost comical – what is wrong with being strong and capable? However, the constant criticism and the public eye have caused her to suffer from many issues with her body, and it’s been a constant struggle.

9. She Handles her Mental Health

With the constant struggle of looking in the mirror and hearing things about her body, she also deals with some serious mental health issues as a result. She takes care of that, though, and she does focus tremendously on her mental health. She does not allow that to get in her way.

10. She’s Giving a Speech

At the end of the day, she’s a role model for all young men and women who want to follow their dreams, and her alma mater knows this. She was asked to provide the commencement speech at the UCLA graduation, and she will do this.

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