10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sweetie Hughes

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sweetie Hughes

If you’re an OG fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta then you’ll likely remember Sweetie Hughes. She appeared in the series during its early days while she was working as an assistant to cast member, Kim Zolciak. The two seemed to have a great relationship and it appeared that they bonded over more than just working together. As a result, RHOA fans were stunned when news broke that Kim had fired Sweetie. Since the two parted ways professionally, Sweetie has appeared to disappear from the picture completely, which has left a lot of people wondering what ever happened to her. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Sweetie Hughes.

1. She Started Working With Kim Zolciak As A Teenager

Most people’s teenage jobs consisted of working at the mall or the movie theater, but apparently, Sweetie was already working for Kim at just 15-years-old. According to Straight From the A, Sweetie said, “I worked for her way before she was famous. I did the same thing I was doing now back then… at the age of 15.”

2. She Has Nigerian Roots

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot information floating around on Sweetie outside of her connection with Kim. Although we do know that Sweetie has lived in Atlanta for several years, the flags in her Instagram bio make it clear that she is very proud of her Nigerian heritage.

3. She’s Taken A Hiatus From Social Media

At one point in time, Sweetie was a very active social media user and she built up a large following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. These days, however, her social media accounts are like a ghost town. She hasn’t posted on Instagram since 2018, and she hasn’t posted on Twitter since 2015.

4. Her Time On Bravo Is Her Only TV Experience

Reality TV has become so popular within the last decade that it’s become a legitimate career path for a lot of people. Although Sweetie got her foot in the door with her appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she didn’t seem to have any interest in making reality TV a long term thing. According to her page on IMDB, RHOA is her only TV experience.

5.  She’s A Loyal Person

Loyalty is a quality that everyone looks for in someone they’re close to, and it’s a quality that Sweetie is proud to possess. Despite all of the ups and downs she went through during her time working with Kim, Sweetie always remained loyal and never put any of Kim’s business out in the street.

6. She’s A Private Person

Once most people get a taste of the spotlight, they’ll do anything to get as much attention as possible. That’s never been Sweetie’s vibe, though. She is a very private person and doesn’t have any interest in sharing the details of her personal life with the world. With all of the drama and gossip that usually comes along with being a public figure, it’s easy to see why she prefers a more low key lifestyle.

7. She Never Stole From Kim

When news broke that Kim fired Sweetie, rumors instantly began to circulate that Sweetie had stolen from Kim. Not only was Sweetie quick to deny these allegations, but Kim also spoke out on Sweetie’s behalf to clarify that the former assistant never stole anything from her.

8. She Went To Georgia State

Sweetie never had any plans of working for Kim forever. According to an old LinkedIn page, Sweetie attended Georgia State University where she earned an associates degree in information technology. The page reports that she worked in the IT field for almost nine years.

9. There’s No Information On What She’s Up To Now

Lots of people are curious about what Sweetie has been doing over the last few years, but sadly there doesn’t seem to be any information on that. The last employment listed on her LinkedIn page was a patient care coordinator for a company called Premier Care. Sweetie left that position in 2016. Hopefully she’ll eventually return to social media and give everyone an update.

10. She Wasn’t Sure Why Kim Fired Her

Typically when a person gets fired they know exactly what they did, but in Sweetie’s case she insists that she has no idea why Kim let her go. In an article from Reality Tea, Sweetie mentions that she did attempt to quit her job before she was fired. At the time, she simply wanted to focus on other things, but she agreed to stick around until Kim was able to find a replacement.

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