10 Things You Don’t Know About Emily Deschanel

10 Things You Don’t Know About Emily Deschanel
10 Things You Don’t Know About Emily Deschanel

Credit: @emilydeschanel

Emily Deschanel is a famous actress with a famous sister. She’s most famous for her stellar role in the hit show Bones alongside David Boreanaz (of Buffy the Vampire, Angel, and SEAL Team fame). She played the role of Dr. Temperance and nailed it every time. Even though we all know she’s wildly famous, successful, and beautiful, she is also a woman with a whole life she enjoys keeping to herself. She’s not a big fan of living her life in the public eye, but we found out a few things you might find interesting.

1. Her Parents Are in The Business

Both her mother and father were in show business. Her mother is Mary Jo Deschanel (Weir before getting married). She was a famed actress who starred in projects such as Twin Peaks and The Right Stuff. She married Caleb Deschanel in 1972. He is a movie director and six-time Academy Award-nominated cinematographer. They welcomed their daughters Emily and Zooey in 1976 and 1980, respectively.

2. She’s Also Got a Famous Sister

Emily Deschanel is the older sister of Zooey Deschanel – you loved her in Elf with Will Ferrell. They are both successful working actresses, and they are close. Her sister is also famous for closely resembling singer Katy Perry and actress Emily Blunt, and they are all mistaken for one another regularly.

3. She’s a Trained Actress

She went to all the good schools. She was a student at the Harvard-Westlake School. She also attended the Crossroads School. She then went to Boston for college. She graduated from the Boston University Professional Actors Training Program. She studied theater, and it served her well.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Emily Deschanel

Credit: @emilydeschanel

4. She’s a Vegan

Everyone has a different reason for going vegan and choosing their dietary concerns; she is no different. She watched a movie and fell hard for the vegan lifestyle. She has been vegan for many years and is also a woman who advocates for animal rights. She’s passionate about both, and it shows.

5. She’s Spiritual

Though she and her sister were raised in the Roman Catholic church, Emily Deschanel does not practice. She’s said nothing against the Roman Catholic religion, but she has discussed that she finds herself more spiritual than religious. She is more agnostic than anything. She doesn’t feel that she knows much about religion and won’t pretend she does.

6. She’s Married

Emily Deschanel is Mrs. David Hornsby. He is the man who acted in and wrote for the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They wed in 2010. Their son was born four days before their first wedding anniversary. Their second child, another son, was born four years later.

7. She Worked with Her Pregnancies on Television

Sometimes, the writers of a show will not work a pregnancy into a storyline. This is usually noticed when actresses begin hiding behind lamps, sitting, wearing all black, and suddenly developing a love of oversize handbags. However, her Bones writers were fine with adding her pregnancies into her storyline when she was acting on Bones. Her character was able to give birth twice, which was lovely for her.

8. Emily Deschanel Didn’t Dream of Acting

Don’t get her wrong; she did love it. Both she and her sister spent their childhood acting in plays and such, and her sister was deadest on becoming an actress. Zooey knew from day one she’d be famous. On the flip side, Emily didn’t think she would pursue a career as an actress. She thought she might have fun with it but didn’t consider it a serious career choice growing up.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Emily Deschanel

Credit: @emilydeschanel

9. She and Her Sister Had a Typical Sister Relationship

They weren’t always super close growing up – they are four years apart – but they are now. Growing up, Emily loved to torture her sister. She spent much of her childhood convincing Zooey that aliens had kidnapped Emily and replaced her with a reptile-like version of Emily, and she’d be super friendly to her face when their parents were in the room. Then, when they walked out, she’d make horrible faces at her little sister and make her cry. Typical.

10. She and Her Sister are Raising Kids Together

Becoming parents together has been excellent for the sisters as they became adults. They were pregnant together. Their kids were born two months apart, and they are close cousins. The experience brought them closer, and their relationship is better and stronger than ever.

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