Six Shocking Things You Did Not Know About Jodie Foster

Six Shocking Things You Did Not Know About Jodie Foster

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Jodie Foster holds two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes. She was nominated once for a Primetime Emmy Award. Her talent speaks for itself, and nothing else needs to be said about the talented, lovely actress who can turn any role into a complete success. However, despite beginning her acting career at three, her life is filled with ups and downs that the world doesn’t know much about. The gorgeous actress began her life in the public eye in a Coppertone Sunscreen commercial in 1965, but it’s the behind-the-scenes details of her life her fans know next to nothing about.

Jodie Foster’s Name is Not Jodie

Jodie Foster is a name synonymous with success and entertainment, but it’s not her name. She didn’t choose a stage name, much like many people who go into the entertainment business. Born Alicia Christian Foster, her siblings (she has six of them – three full older siblings and three older half-siblings from her father’s previous relationships) simply called her Jodie. There is no rhyme or reason for it, but it stuck. She’s been Jodie Foster most of her life.

Jodie Foster Had Virtually No Relationship With Her Father

She does have three elder siblings from her mother and her father. Her mother is Evelyn Ella, though she always goes by Brandy, and her father is Lucius. Their marriage was over before Jodie Foster was born, so she did not establish a relationship with her father. She never lived with him. She and her mother and older siblings remained in Los Angeles following their parent’s divorce, but we don’t know where her father decided to go.

Six Shocking Things You Did Not Know About Jodie Foster

Credit: @hollywoodobsrvr/Twitter

Jodie Foster’s Mother Was Part of the LGBT Community

Perhaps her parent’s marriage did not work out because Jodie Foster’s mom was also part of the LGBT community. Though it was not something that was widely accepted or even discussed in the 60s, her mother and her partner raised the four full Foster siblings in LA. Her mother went to work as the manager for both her and her brother, Buddy.

Jodie Foster Is Exceptionally Intelligent

She began her Hollywood career at three, starring in commercials. However, she was already able to read by that time. She was an exceptionally bright child with a gifted mind. Foster graduated from high school as the valedictorian of her class. She also speaks French fluently. Perhaps one of her most impressive academic achievements, however, is that she went directly from her high school graduation to Yale University to earn her degree. She gave a speech for the 1995 graduating class, and she’s earned both an honorary doctorate and an Undergrad Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jodie Foster Sought Advice from Melissa Etheridge Before Coming Out

Six Shocking Things You Did Not Know About Jodie Foster

Credit: @FilmUpdates/Twitter

Melissa Etheridge recently said that being out in the early 90s was liberating for her. But it also allowed numerous celebrities to come to her for advice. The star did not go into detail about the specifics. She did name a few high-profile celebrities who came to her to discuss their own sexuality. Many of them would tell her they were sorry because they were not out. Etheridge always reminded her celebrity counterparts that it was very personal and they didn’t owe her any explanation. Along with Jodie Foster, she named talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, singer Barry Manilow, and Ricky Martin. They all came to her at some point in their respective careers for advice.

John Hinckley Jr. Tried to Assassinate President Ronald Reagan to Impress Jodie Foster

While she was still a student at Yale, a man was obsessed with her. He watched Taxi Driver and could not stop thinking about Jodie Foster. He stalked her to the point that she was fearful for her own life. In his twisted mind, he thought that to impress her, he should take the life of President Ronald Reagan. He made the attempt, injuring the President and three others in the process. Sadly, this man was not the only man who followed her around campus. She had numerous stalkers in her days at Yale, and she had to have security walk her around campus to and from her classes. Her own college experience was not like most other girls her own age.

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