Tyler Rake vs. Jason Bourne vs. Ethan Hunt: Who Wins?

Tyler Rake vs. Jason Bourne vs. Ethan Hunt: Who Wins?

Trying to sort out one fight or another based on the skills of those that have shown an impressive amount of strength, skill, discipline, and durability in their own movies is tough sometimes since one has to take into account that which can’t be seen as much as they take into account what they see. Tyler Rake from Extraction is a tough and resilient individual, but it’s fair to think that even with a sequel he might not be as big of a name in the movies as Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt have been over the years. It remains to be seen, but Bourne and Hunt have been seen to be equally tough and skilled. In the interest of finding a victor however it does come down to the skill sets of each man since taking into account what each of them has been seen to be skilled at makes a huge difference. Hunt is more of an acrobat compared to Rake and Bourne since he’s often seen dangling, climbing, or performing an impossible stunt that isn’t necessarily beyond the other two, but isn’t taken into account since they keep their feet on the ground more often than not. 

Citing that movie magic is responsible for many of their amazing feats, one could easily claim that Rake appears to take on the more realistic approach as Extraction was a gritty, slightly more realistic look at the world we know and what could happen. One great thing is that each individual has been seen to grow tired and show actual damage in their respective movies, even if Hunt has managed to shake things off easier than Rake or Bourne quite often. Hey, movie magic, it happens. But getting into a bare-knuckle, drawn-out fight appears to favor either Bourne or Rake since, despite his ability to improvise and hold his own in a scrap, Hunt tends to avoid a prolonged fight if he can. 

By that measure, it feels fair to say that Hunt, who goes for more flash and high-risk maneuvers, would suffer a serious beatdown from either Rake or Bourne, or both, and would be taken out of the mix quickly, at least until his head magically cleared enough for him to get back into the fight. In the meantime, Rake and Bourne would likely be feeling each other out with feints and strikes meant to test each other’s strength and expose a weakness. This would be the tougher fight to call since Rake is a definite brawler, but also a tactician that knows how to weave his way through conflict, while Bourne is a natural when it comes to improvising and knows how to adjust on the fly when he has to. By narrowing this fight down, with respect to Hunt, Bourne and Rake would be slugging it out while trying to gain a decisive advantage over each other. Stating that Bourne would take this fight simply because he’s seen more action and sees conflict as something to be handled before moving on with his life is a little too dismissive of Rake, who was a member of the SASR and went on to become a freelance mercenary that has no trouble walking into danger as long as he’s getting paid. 

One could say that banking on the fact both men approach life with the attitude that they have nothing to lose is kind of accurate at times since Rake appears to be the kind of guy that goes all-in on a job and isn’t likely to back down. Bourne is the type that more or less wants to be left alone, but can still deliver when he needs to depending on the situation. In other words, he knows when to lay low and stick to the shadows, while Rake is the type that busts in, gets the job done, and then seeks to disappear quickly after. Calling this fight wouldn’t be easy, but it’s fair to say that it would offer up a few exciting moments that would interest a lot of fans since the combatants are highly skilled individuals that know how to put on a show when all is said and done. 

But stating that Ethan Hunt would be taken out of the running as the winner feels obvious since despite being capable of getting into and out of places, and being capable of holding his own in a fight, Ethan is more flash than substance compared to Rake and Bourne, and would likely fail to last as long. The fight between Rake and Bourne would probably start from a distance as the two men felt each other out before getting down to the hand-to-hand combat that would decide the victor. Some would say Bourne simply because he’s that awesome and is a highly-trained assassin, but I’m giving this one to Rake, largely because the guy can take a serious beating and keep going, and because even if Bourne’s hand to hand skills are insane, Rake feels as though he would overpower Bourne without as much trouble as many appear to think. 

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