Will Extraction 2 Be A Sequel Or Prequel?

Will Extraction 2 Be A Sequel Or Prequel?

Will Extraction 2 Be A Sequel Or Prequel?

I remember last year in April when a certain movie called Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth came out on Netflix. It didn’t really receive the best reviews, but honestly, what did everyone expect? Now don’t get me wrong, it was your typical action movie with the same action movie storyline we’ve seen a thousand times. But the thing is, Extracting did it really well. In fact, it did it with explosive action and some incredibly badass Chris Hemsworth moments. I mean, heck, he even had some very serious moments in it as well. He had some awesome fight scenes, including one with David Harbour, and some very skillful knife work. I don’t think we’ve seen Chris Hemsworth this cool before, other than his most famous role as Thor, of course. Since Extraction was one of the most popular movies during quarantine, I think it deserves some appreciation. Oh, and let’s also point out that it was produced by The Russo Brothers themselves, hence the casting of Chris Hemsworth in the leading role of Tyler Rake. Now why were the action scenes so awesome? Sam Hargrave, the director of Extraction, is famously known for being a professional stunt coordinator for some of the coolest action movies you’ve probably seen in the last five years.

You want to hear a short resume? Some of his handiwork includes being a stunt coordinator for movies like Atomic Blonde, The Accountant, Deadpool 2, and Avengers: Endgame. He even had some small roles in at least two of those movies. Oh, and on top of that, he was even Tyler Rake’s sniper comrade in Extraction. He didn’t last too long, but he had his cool moments. The point is, Sam Hargrave has proven that he is a competent director and a wizard at coordinating action scenes. If Extraction doesn’t prove it, then I don’t know what will. But wait, perhaps a sequel will do the trick? I actually think that’s a good idea and it’s apparently happening. The Netflix Tudum event released a little teaser trailer for Extraction 2 and revealed a little something unexpected. The ending of Extraction was pretty tragic, as our guy Chris Hemsworth met his demise with bullets and falling in a river. There’s no way he could’ve survived, right? Well, the trailer proved that he actually did survive, which means we will see Tyler Rake in action once again. The question is, in what manner will we be seeing him in action?

I’m really wondering if Extraction 2 will be a direct sequel to the first one or a prequel that shows us Tyler Rake before the events of the first movie. That can be a fun movie and it can go in several different directions. It can show us the early days of his mercenary career or we can look into his former family life. That would be a good idea, especially since we’ve already seen how deeply the loss of his son has affected his life. Now we still need some of that top notch action, but why dive a little deeper into the more serious aspects of it? I already know that Sam Hargrave can give us bigger and badder action scenes and with Chris Hemsworth coming back, you know we’re in for another wild ride.

And if it’s not a prequel, then what will happen after the first Extraction? How did Tyler Rake survive his supposed end, because that was a seriously gruesome death. Let’s just chalk it up to it being Chris Hemsworth and he’s just Chris Hemsworth. Oh, and the fact that the Russo Brothers probably want to expand this into a legitimate franchise like they’ve talked about before. It does make sense, since Chris Hemsworth is already a part of the biggest cinematic movie franchise there is. Is there any reason why he can’t be a part of another? Chris Hemsworth has become a very bankable star over the last decade so making him the star of his own franchise would probably work out well.

In fact, it would be a total banger. Can Tyler Rake reunite with his new friend Ovi and former fellow mercenary Nik Khan again? The ending of the first Extraction heavily implied that a man resembling Tyler Rake was watching Ovi emerging from a swimming pool. That could’ve been just Ovi seeing what he wanted to see, but it could very well be Tyler Rake alive and well. If that’s the case, then they could interact more and build a stronger relationship. And let’s not forget the true nature of Ovi’s drug lord father, who was unwilling to pay the ransom money for his son’s safe return. Extraction 2 could show Tyler Rake going after Ovi’s father, something that Ovi himself would reluctantly agree to. I personally think both ideas of a sequel or prequel is a good idea. A prequel can flush out the characterization of Tyler Rake and show us what is past was like. I would actually prefer to see him work more with David Harbour’s character Gaspar. Besides the fact that he was played by David Harbour, his character gave Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake a good beatdown. These guys were former teammates so being able to see them work together would be fun to see.

If Extraction 2 does turn out to be a direct sequel, then I’m not sure what to expect. To be honest, I’ll just be looking forward to more top notch action scenes. As long as we have those, I won’t fret too much on the story. I really don’t know how Tyler Rake survived that amount of punishment, but hey, that’s action movies for you. I’m still super stoked to see Chris Hemsworth return to reprise his role and expect some more awesome moments from him. There’s no set release date as of now for Extraction 2, but it will most likely come next year. It’s another reason to keep Netflix so if you want more Chris Hemsworth, stay on top of this. It’s very possible the Russo Brothers can turn this into something bigger, so let’s hope Extraction 2 does well.Extraction

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