Why The Abomination Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Why The Abomination Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Why The Abomination Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

At this point, it’s tough to say if we’re going to be looking at the same Abomination that fought the Hulk in Harlem years ago when Edward Norton was playing the role of Bruce Banner/Hulk. Just looking at this image it would appear that Emil Blonsky if this is still the character that’s being used, has undergone other mutations that have given him an appearance that is more in line with the character’s comic book appearance. The Abomination has been a fairly popular character at times, and he’s been a deadly enemy to the Hulk as well since he’s not only stronger than the Hulk at a base level, but he’s a bit smarter as well, at least before Banner and the Hulk merged to create one being. But the fact is that while the Abomination is stronger, the Hulk tends to have more destructive potential since his strength is often increased exponentially by his rage, meaning he could become far more powerful when truly enraged. But it’s yet to be seen if the Abomination in the upcoming Shang-chi movie is going to be the same creature from the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie, and if he’s not, then there’s no telling how powerful he is or isn’t.

As to getting his own movie, it might actually be interesting to do such a thing to introduce a different Abomination since Emil Blonsky was apparently supposed to be recruited to the Avengers, an idea which was aborted since he’s too much of a liability if he even still exists in the MCU since so much has changed over the years. But creating an origin story for a new  Abomination, while keeping Blonsky in the background, might be kind of intriguing since it could bring the two together at one point for a story that might be able to satisfy the fans in a number of ways. Whether it would need to be a movie or a series though is hard to choose given that there’s no way to know yet if the Abomination we’ve seen in Shang-Chi is going to be the same person.

It does sound as though the Abomination might make an appearance in the She-Hulk series though, so perhaps we’ll see something blossom from that direction, as it could be a good plan if anyone happens to be thinking about it. As of right now, there are so many things happening in the MCU that it’s very easy to come up with alternate plans and stories that might be fun to see, but what will really happen is something that we’ll need to wait to find out as the MCU is still being planned out at this time. The Abomination is the kind of villain that is hard to see becoming a big deal due to the fact that while the character has been around for a while, he still hasn’t been a major influence in the same way that several other villains have over the years. The character has the potential to be a truly horrible and overwhelming villain, but for one reason or another, it just hasn’t happened in the same manner that it’s happened for other villains.

It’s not too hard to wonder why since the number of heroes and villains in the Marvel universe is so great that picking and choosing from the lot of them is a tough proposition when trying to figure out who deserves to have their own movie or show. Obviously, the MCU has selected some of the oddest names in the last decade since there are a lot more popular individuals in the Marvel universe that might have enticed the fans, but given that Disney didn’t have the rights to a lot of other characters it’s easy to say that developing them wasn’t as possible. The fact that Sony dropped the ball so hard on several characters after so many movies is regrettable, but a lot of people are looking to Disney for a bit of redemption since the Marvel universe is too full of great characters to ignore the lot of them. It would have been great to see them all in a crossover movie that would end up being a blowout when it came to the number of familiar faces being pit against each other, but this is how it happened.

Seeing the Abomination being treated with a greater level of importance could be interesting, but it might also need to mean that the character would become a little more important in the MCU given that handing out movies and solo series to characters usually comes with the realization that they’re going to have a bigger part to play. If that’s the case then it’s awesome to think that this character might be gaining a greater purpose in the days to come. If not, well, then it’s not needed.

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